Tom Slick: Mystery Hunter
Catherine Nixon Cooke

Paraview Press, 2005
ISBN: 0976498626
Controversial Knowledge, 224 pp
Hardcover: $16.38

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Tom Slick Mystery Hunter! What if we could peer inside the mind of a 20th century "mystery hunter"? How did he learn to harness his intuition, to celebrate his curiosity, to dare to explore the unknown? What clues could we discern for our own personal journeys of discovery?

Author Catherine Nixon Cooke takes us on an exciting adventure, in the company of her uncle, legendary explorer Tom Slick, whose tremendous wealth gave him the means to mount spectacular expeditions to the Himalayas and the Amazon, where conversations with the Dalai Lama, Indian mystics, and South American shamans offered many different lenses through which to see the world we think we know.

Slick created five scientific research foundations, developed new species of cattle and grasses, discovered major oil fields, loved several beautiful women, searched for the "Abominable Snowman", wrote two books on world peace,and produced several inventions that changed the world…all before he died in 1962 at 46 years old.

Rare historic photos, personal interviews with family and friends,and Slick’s personal correspondence discovered in a shed by Cooke, create a portrait of a remarkable man who was sparked by the same "life puzzles" that catapult each of us on our own quest to understand the mysteries we all encounter.


Catherine Nixon Cooke

Catherine Nixon Cooke spent the past three years as President and CEO of The Mountain Institute, an international non-profit organization with headquarters in Washington, DC, and 8 field offices in the Andes, the Himalayas, and Appalachia. She oversaw a worldwide staff that includes anthropologists, archaeologists, forestry experts, geographers, hydrologists, and enterprise specialists. Conservation, cultural preservation, and economic development projects currently operate in Peru, Ecuador, India, Nepal, Tibet Autonomous Region of China, and the United States. In January, 2005, she retired as the organization’s CEO but remains on its Board of Trustees and maintains close contact with its staff and worldwide operations.

Prior to joining The Mountain Institute in 2002, Ms. Cooke was CEO of The Mind Science Foundation, a scientific research organization (1983-1998); and previously was Editor-in-Chief of Coronet Magazine, a national general interest publication with a circulation of 600,000, based in Los Angeles.

Her book, Tom Slick Mystery Hunter, was published by Paraview Press in November, 2005, documenting the extraordinary life of the oilman/philanthropist who established five scientific research institutes, developed new species of cattle and grasses, invented the Liftslab method of construction, wrote two books about world peace, and searched for the yeti in the Himalayas before his death in 1962.

Ms. Cooke serves on the Board of Directors of The Explorers Club, an international organization that promotes exploration of our planet and beyond, and dissemination of information; and she has led three Explorers Club Flag Expeditions---to Belize (Mayan Archaeology, 1991), Bhutan (Black-Necked Crane Study, 1995), and Nepal (Yeti Expedition, 2001).

Ms. Cooke serves as a Board member of The Mountain Institute (Washington, DC), a Board member of The Mountain Forum (Nepal), a founding member of the International Mountain Partnership (Rome, Italy), an Advisory Board member of the Harte Research Institute for Gulf of Mexico Studies (Corpus Christi, Texas), and a Lifetime Trustee of the San Antonio Medical Foundation (San Antonio, Texas).

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