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Paraview Media Guide

August 2005

Paraview Media Guide is a monthly guide to books, magazines, websites, and other media that capture your attention, expand your mind, and transform the world. Leading experts in mind, body, and spirit and the frontiers of science and culture present their media picks. This free newsletter is distributed by subscription only. To subscribe, unsubscribe, or obtain sponsorship information, please see instructions at the end of this newsletter.


Jill Morrow

Paraview Pocket Books author, Jill Morrow has explored a variety of pursuits over the years, and finds that writing is one of the most wonderful ways to share them. Her personal experiences add color to each novel. A college research paper on medieval convents helped her latest book, The Open Channel come to life. Like her protagonist, Kat Piretti, Jill practiced law for a time. As an actress, Jillís favorite past roles include Eva in Evita and the Narrator in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. Her current work-in-progress unfolds against the world of theater. All life experiences become fair literary game, including the paranormal/spiritual ones that helped create the Angel Café books.

Her first novel, Angel Café was born from a conversation she overheard years ago. It concerned a woman who had contacted a psychic for advice and received answers so accurate that she began to rely upon his opinion regarding everything. She called the psychic not only for the big things (love, career, money) but for the little things as well (what should I eat, what should I wear?). Angel Café set out to explore the question of why someone would give a near stranger so much control and authority. Since the characters still had opinions on the subject by the end of the book, The Open Channel continued their story.

Jill has completed a third installment of the Angel Café story, and is currently writing a fourth, unrelated novel set in Boston (yes, another personal connection.) She lives outside of Baltimore, Maryland. You can visit her website at




I wish I could describe myself with all sort of glowing adjectives, but the most honest one that springs to mind is ďbusy.Ē There are never enough hours in a day to do everything I mean to do. This means that I ask a lot from the books I find time to read. I like to be transported into a story, totally impressed by the brilliance of a concept, engaged enough that thoughts of what I should be doing instead of reading donít enter my mind.

On the ďtransported into a storyĒ level, I love two titles by Jodi Picoult: Keeping Faith, about a childís sudden visions and assertion that God is female, fascinated me with its ability to examine ďfaithĒ through the eyes of religion, psychology and media. Plain Truth allowed me a glimpse into a world I knew little about Ė the Amish community Ė supported by a sharp mystery with paranormal overtones.

For pure brilliance, I was blown away by Audrey Niffeneggerís The Time Travelerís Wife. The concept of a man who randomly disappears into the past or future, usually into portions of his own life, utterly intrigued me. I also admired the exceptionally controlled storytelling in Jeffrey Eugenidesí novel Middlesex: A Novel, the unusual coming-of-age story of a hermaphrodite set against the American immigrant experience.

For utter brain candy I enjoy quirky nonfiction. Iím currently enjoying Jan Harold Brunvandís Too Good To Be True: The Colossal Book of Urban Legends. Weíve all heard them, possibly even shared them; itís fun to see where they started in the first place!

Okay, I admit it, I donít watch much on any sort of screen. Itís hard for me to find the time to sit still long enough. When I do, my tastes are fairly satirical. My favorite movie of all time is Waiting for Guffman, a Christopher Guest parody on small town community theater. Because of my own theater background, I get a kick out of the spot-on nuances. I also love Ben Stillerís Zoolander. For a quick trip into the lush Tuscan countryside, I like Kenneth Branaghís Much Ado about Nothing Ė with an eclectic collection of actors from stage and screen itís escapism at its best.

Must-Hear Music I like just about all musical styles, and which one I listen to at any given moment depends upon my mood. My current fave is the Brian Setzer Orchestra, particularly The Ultimate Collection (recorded live in Montreal in 2004.) For a hot, contemporary take on Big Band music, this recording canít be beat. I also like Nellie McKayís Get Away from Me. No musical list for me would be complete without show music. Right now Iím revisiting Hairspray (letís celebrate Baltimore, Hon) and Elton Johnís Aida. On the classical side, I welcome Mozart, Prokofiev and Gilbert and Sullivan.

Iím a mostly utilitarian web surfer, Iím afraid. Thereís just not much time for me to visit sites other than the ones necessary for running my life (a bland mix of school websites and search engines, Iím afraid; I wonít subject anyone to hearing about it.) Other than that, Iím fond of for the low-key info about writing it provides, and I feed my own guilty theater habit with

Featured Books
  The Open Channel Just when you wanted moreÖ the intriguing sequel to Angel Café.
  Angel Cafe  A paranormal mystery thriller with a touch of romance.
  The Power of Purpose Awards 2004 A truly inspiring and touching collection of essays from the winners of a worldwide Templeton Foundation competition.
  Read Loren Colemanís latest predictions on how The Copycat Effect is impacting global terror trends.

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