The High Purpose Company by Christine Arena


The High Purpose Company
by Christine Arena

Collins, Jan 2007 
Business, 294 pages
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In The High-Purpose Company, corporate strategist and researcher Christine Arena shows why corporate responsibility is more than just a hot topic of the moment—why it is an essential means to success in today's corporate world. She draws a clear line in the sand between the extraordinary companies driven by purposeful ideals and those companies that merely pretend to be responsible. Readers will be able to easily distinguish between the two groups and see how and why many of the most successful corporations are generating extraordinary profits from their responsible actions.

Using a groundbreaking methodology, Arena and her research team conducted thousands of hours of analysis on the corporate social responsibility (CSR) practices of 75 well-known firms. What they discovered surprised even them—it's not always the obvious companies in ecologically friendly areas of business that are truly the most responsible. Ben & Jerry's or Tyco? Ford or GE? Wal-Mart or Gap? The results of the study defy long-held myths, rewrite rules, reframe strategic priorities, and reveal a new paradigm for business.

  Christine Arena

Christine Arena
is a corporate strategist, speaker, and the award-winning author of Cause for Success. In the process of studying the corporate responsibility movement, she has interviewed hundreds of executives and changemakers in the field. Christine is the former managing director of the consulting firm Polese Clancy and a master's graduate of New York University. She lives in San Francisco with her husband.

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