No Soul Left Behind


No Soul Left Behind:
by A. Robert Smith

Citadel, August 2005
ISBN-13: 978-0806526720 
Trade Paper, 240 pages

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In the annals of mysticism, a few seers can match the lasting power and profound insight of Edgar Cayce. A clairvoyant philosopher of vast breadth and kindly demeanor, Cayce devoted his life to answering queries from tens of thousands seeking advice on their spiritual quests and personal affairs. His groundbreaking perceptions on the essence of healing, and on dreams, karma, and reincarnation served to inform and transform untold destinies.

From the Publisher
No one knows the work of this great visionary better than A. Robert Smith, editor of his memoirs. Now, for the first time, he decodes those enigmatic readings, and translates them into a simple question and answer format. Authorized by the Edgar Cayce Foundation and Association of Research and Enlightenment, No Soul Left Behind covers a broad range of vital subjects, from astrology, relationships, and wealth to good and evil, the nature of the mind, the purpose of life and much, much more. Here at least is a crucial yet lucid companion to the essential legacy and inspired wisdom of Edgar Cayce.

  A. Robert Smith

A. Robert Smith, the editor-compiler of Edgar Cayce: My Life as a Seer, is the author of five other books and the founding editor of Venture Inward magazine, an international periodical that focuses on spirituality, mystical experiences, and holistic health. As editor, he interviewed many prominent figures in these fields, such as astronaut-scientist Edgar G. Mitchell, Arun Gandhi, founder of the M.K. Gandhi Institute for Non-violence, actress-author Shirley MacLaine, philosopher-author Jacob Needleman, psychiatrist-authors Marion Woodman and Brian Weiss, reincarnation researcher Ian Stevenson, Egyptologist Mark Lehner, theologian Geddes MacGregor, spiritual author Neale Donald Walsch, and numerous psychics such as Kevin Ryerson.

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