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Looking for Orthon
The story of George Adamski, 
the first flying saucer contactee, 
and how he changed the world Point here for more book info

by Colin Bennett
Foreword by John Michell

Paraview Press, 2001
ISBN: 1931044-32-5
UFOs, 224 pages
Trade Paperback $15.95

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In a literary tour-de-force, Colin Bennett advances the daring thesis “that the defining moment of the twentieth century will prove to be 12.30 pm on Thursday, 20 November, 1952, when George Adamski met Orthon, a long-haired youth from Venus. It happened in the Californian desert in the presence of witnesses. From that moment the cat was out of the bag, the space people were among us, and nothing has ever been the same since… The effects of this on popular culture are to be seen everywhere… In the modern imagination the UFO is a constant, not just a space-craft but a reminder that the world is not as rational as our educators pretend.. [Adamski] was an impressive old rogue, like Madame Blavatsky and in the same tradition. Such people, according to Plato are the kind whom the gods choose to enlighten us.” -- From the Foreword by John Michell, author of The New View Over Atlantis and Who Wrote Shakespeare?

This study of Adamski has got to be one of the most eagerly awaited UFO books to appear in the last few years. A worthy book indeed for every student of flying saucers." -- Bob Girard, Arcturus Books

"Bennett walks a subtle, sophisticated, and brilliant line between idolatry on the one hand and harsh scientific scepticism on the other." -- Gazelle Books Esoterica Catalogue

"One of the most brilliantly written UFO books I have ever come across." -- Jeff Rense, Paranet Radio

"No book better illuminates how UFO lore originated than Looking for Orthon." --Louise Lowry, World of the Strange

"This book shines a whole new light onto America’s most known UFO Spotter -- was Adamski a hoaxer? One thing is for sure you can’t ignore Looking for Orthon by Colin Bennett.” -- C. Whitlock, UFO UK

"...if you choose to acquire Orthon you will not be disappointed by its contents." -- Kate Miller, UFO Magazine

“All ufologists should read this outstanding book...” – John Chambers, Fortean Times

succeeds in communicating the ups and downs of Adamnski's career and the facts of his life, occasionally revealing little-known information." -- Fate

"A fantastic and out of this world book!" -- Will Youds, Headpress

  Colin Bennett

was born in Robin Hood’s Sherwood Forest, within arrow-shot of the Sheriff of Nottingham’s castle. He left school after studying mathematics and science, became a professional musician, then a mercenary soldier for a time, before reading English at Balliol College, University of Oxford. He had several plays performed on the professional stage in London, including the Royal Court Theatre, before retraining as an electronics engineer to cure what he calls a bad dose of left-liberal decadence. He then ran his own electronics consultancy and printing firm. He has had two novels published, The Infantryman’s Fear of Open Country, and The Entertainment Bomb, and he lives within spear-throwing distance of Portobello Road

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