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Teresa of Avila
Ecstasy and Common Sense
by Mother Tessa Bielecki

Shambhala Publications, 1996
ISBN: 1570621675
Sprituality/Biography, 168 pages
Paperback, $12.95

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Sixteenth-century mystic Teresa of Avila lived a life that would be remarkable in any age. Mother Tessa Bielecki draws upon Teresa's The Way of Perfection, The Interior Castle, autobiography, and other writings to a portrait that’s touching, uplifting, and terribly human and contemporary. This portrait opens with a brief biography exploring Teresa’s worldly and spiritual experiences, as well as her passion for her church. Readers can then enjoy excerpts of her most moving writings from a life lived fully and remarkably.

  Mother Tessa Bielecki

MOTHER TESSA BIELECKI is a co-founder of the Spiritual Life Institute, a monastic community for men and women with centers in Colorado, Nova Scotia, and Ireland.

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