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Science, Sense & Soul
The Mystical-Physical Nature of Human Existence
by Casey Blood, Ph.D.
Foreword by Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan

Renaissance Books, 2001
ISBN: 158063219X
Religion and Spirituality, 288 pages
Paperback, $16.95

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Are religion and science compatible? Can we make practical use of mysticism’s promise of a higher spiritual truth? Can science make sense of today’s political and social turmoil?

In this groundbreaking work, Dr. Casey Blood explains how three diverse disciplines -- quantum physics, neuroscience, and mysticism -- give a unified picture of human existence. Dr. Blood shows how quantum physics can explain the true nature of the physical universe, and how neuroscientists can explain how the brain makes sense of our inner and outer worlds as well as how and why meditation techniques and other mystical practices work.

Science, Sense & Soul is presented in lively, accessible prose and will appeal to science enthusiasts and spiritual seekers alike.

“Dr. Casey Blood fills a niche in the public’s grasp of both physics and mysticism by presenting both in a readable fashion, so that their interconnectedness is made obvious without the trapping of sophisticated scientific theories and/or mystical paradoxes.” -- from the Foreword by Pir Vilayat

  Casey Blood

CASEY BLOOD, Ph.D. is a mathematical physicist and student-practitioner of Sufism. He is Professor Emeritus of Physics at Rutgers University and has done research in and published articles on quantum physics and has independently pursued an interest in neuroscience. He has studied Sufism for more than twenty years with teachers such as Pir Vilayat and Shahabuddin David Less. Dr. Blood lives in Florida with his wife Nurya.

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