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Healing Imagery & Music: 
Pathways to the Inner Self 
by Carol A. Bush

Sterling Publications, 1995
ISBN: 0915801507
Body Mind Health, 218 pages 
Trade Paperback, $19.95

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This book is the first in Rudra’s Healing with Sound and Music Series, which was established to give voice to the power of sound and music as tools for promoting health, healing, and general well-being. Sound and music are potent forces for physical, mental, and spiritual transformation. Carol Bush’s book introduces a new therapy called The Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and Music (GIM). Many sound healers use music just for relaxation, but this method employs dramatic classical pieces selected for emotional impact. Bush makes a good case for her method, supporting it with vivid anecdotes of emotional resolutions. Specific instructions for using the enclosed musical selections are included. Orchestral selections include Ravel, Beethoven, Mozart, Debussy, Holst, Bach, Respighi, and Wagner. 

The healing is accomplished in a dream-like associative state which provides the inner traveler access to vast reaches of human consciousness. The purpose of this book is twofold. The first is to present GIM as a primary modality of psychotherapy, based on her professional experience. The second objective is to present a method for personal growth that offers new pathways to personal unfoldment. The book is for those who seek to experience first hand the potential of classical music to open them to self directed insights.

  Carol A Bush, M.S.W.

, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Fellow of the Association of Music and Imagery, Co-Director of the Mid-Atlantic Training Institute. A pioneer of the Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and Music, Bush was certified to practice in 1979. Her more than twenty five years of clinical experience have included a variety of mental health settings and private practices in Miami and Virginia Beach, VA. She has also authored scholarly articles for professional journals, a chapter in The Whole Mind and a piece for Don Campbell’s' best-selling book, The Mozart Effect. Currently Carol teaches GIM, a two year post graduate training, to therapists throughout the US, Mexico. Europe and Asia. She also maintains a private practice and continues to write.

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