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The Encyclopedia of Palmistry
By Edward D. Campbell

Berkley Publishing Group, 1995
Palmistry, 299 pages
Trade Paperback
ISBN: 0399519777

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From basic interpretation to reading between the fine lines, this comprehensive guide offers a complete resource to understanding the mysteries hidden in the patterns and lines of the hands. Includes information about the geography of the hand, identifying palm and fingerprints, the significance of hand and finger shapes, and more.

Says Campbell: “I came to palmistry as a skeptic. I did the work to qualify as a serious palmist. I now have taught courses in the field and lectured for the last dozen or so years. I am a scientific palmist as the term is understood in the field. I invite all of those skeptics to read my books and become introduced to the scientific study of hand appearances, called dermatoglyphics. I have helped organize the Northwest Hand Institute for the further scientific study of the significance of hand appearances in character, health, environmental and personal relationship analysis.”

  Edward Campbell

When I was a boy I used to lead friends or set out alone on journeys of discovery. As I grew older I found that these voyages of discovery could be made in many ways, through books, through conversation, interacting with others, as well as striking out into the woods. Life presented factual images, constantly evolving from any given point whether one went in or out.

My early journeys into science fiction led to the devouring of hundreds of books and in the process, led me to being able to cope with my reading dyslexia and developed those skills necessary to complete my college education.

Investigating accidents and other insurance claims as a young man led me to become more confident in looking at facts and examining people. This would serve me well later in my legal practice. My mid life crisis and knowledge gained through reflection required me to change. This introduced me to healthier life styles that led to more self confidence. This led to formal studies in several alternative health fields including Certification as a Feldenkrais® practitioner, studying iridology, body electronics, becoming a palmists and an author, and eventually joining with others to start SHES.  

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