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The Architecture of All Abundance 
Creating a Successful Life in the Material World
by Lenedra J. Carroll

New World Library, 2001
ISBN: 1577311892
Spiritual, 224 pages
Hardcover, $24.95 

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Lenedra Carroll, the mother and manager of singer/songwriter Jewel, offers a memoir that speaks to her spiritual theories on creating abundance. The Architecture of All Abundance, her "rag to riches" life story, starts out when the author is a young girl growing up poor in a small Alaskan village and winds up with Carroll becoming a successful CEO of a global entertainment enterprise. More than a memoir, this is more accurately an inspirational book on how you too can build a fulfilling life that includes plenty of spirit and prosperity. Carroll emphasizes the timeless truths of spiritual abundance--ones that readers have probably heard before: listen to your soul's voice, ask the right questions, make time for stillness, own the fear instead of avoiding it, remember that generosity generates prosperity. Yet, like any effective teacher, Carroll has the ability to package these nuggets of wisdom with just the right anecdote or just the right phrasing so that it finally sinks in. It's not uncommon to find provocative passages such as, "We can all realize that while the fear is real, it is also true that what we fear is like a mirage rising off the heat of a projected or past pain." Although her structure of alternating poetry, personal stories, and spiritual advice makes the book slightly disjointed, Carroll's eloquence as a narrator ties it together.

Carroll was born in a village in Alaska, and from that childhood she brought with her independence and a connection to nature rare in those involved in the entertainment industry. The book weaves together stories from her childhood with stories about running an ethical business in the shark-infested world of recording studios and mass market celebrities. The book illustrates alternative methods of attaining prosperity, love, health, and a sense of purpose. The stories reveal how she has applied her own values to everything from a childhood case of frostbite to advising her daughter, singer/songwriter Jewel, to live in her van to free herself to pursue her artistic goals on her own terms.


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LENEDRA J. CARROLL is an accomplished businesswoman, singer, artist and author. She has performed at the Vatican, the Nobel Peace Prize Concert, and Christmas in Rockefeller Center. Her recent television appearances include “Oprah Winfrey,” “The Today Show, “ “Good Morning America,“ “Regis & Kathy Lee,” “CBS This Morning,” “The View,” and Lifetime’s “Applause.“ She has also been featured in USA Weekend, Readers Digest, Us, People, and other printed press. 

Lenedra is part of an expanding group of entrepreneurs who have built prosperous, principled careers and businesses as a platform for helping others and promoting humanitarian and spiritual values. As the manager and mother of recording artist Jewel, Lenedra and Jewel have created a unique partnership to promote positive influence and change from a worldwide platform. Their partnership encompasses several for profit businesses, as well as their humanitarian foundation, Higher Ground for Humanity (HGH). HGH promotes global community and individual action to inspire positive change. 

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