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Loren Coleman

Paraview Press, 2002
ISBN: 1931044-34-1
Unexplained Mysteries, 210 pages
Trade Paperback $14.95

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An intriguing look at the legend behind The Mothman Prophecies, the feature motion picture featuring Richard Gere, Debra Messing, Will Patton and Laura Linney.

A new Hollywood blockbuster, an amazing companion documentary, and thousands of web pages in its honor--what's all the fuss about? In a word--Mothman!

On November 15, 1966, this huge, red-eyed creature with wings appeared over Point Pleasant, West Virginia. Thus began thirteen months of otherworldly mystery, madness, and mayhem for the people of Point Pleasant, culminating in the collapse of the Silver Bridge, which left 46 dead.

But contrary to popular belief, Mothman is not unique. Here for the first time, investigator Loren Coleman looks at the precursors of Mothman, like the Flatwoods Monster of 1952, then brings the story up to date, detailing the sightings of the spawn of Mothman, some as recent as September 2001. Coleman also examines the impact on investigations into the unknown by John Keel, the newsman who spend a year in Point Pleasant looking into the Mothman story and lived to write about it.

Mothman and Other Curious Encounters is certain to jolt your placid preconceived notion of the nature of the physical universe.

"After a lifetime of research, Loren Coleman has produced the most complete overview of Mothman and its minions -- the scariest family of monsters on Earth."
-- John A. Keel, author, The Mothman Prophecies

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Loren Coleman

LOREN COLEMAN of Portland, Maine, is the author of fourteen previous books, including his recent popular and critically acclaimed Mysterious America: The Revised Edition. He is an acknowledged expert in the field of cryptozoology and fortean phenomena investigations.

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