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Organizations or Projects with "Conscious" Television/Video Programs

The following organizations produce or provide television or video programs that we believe are consistent with our mission. This list is not comprehensive, and we will continually add to it. Please inform us if you know of another source you believe we should include. To view a description of a specific organization and have the option to visit its Web site, click on its name in the following list:


A&E Television Networks - A&E is an award-winning media company offering a variety of television programming, Web sites, home videos and magazine publishing, among other things.  Programming includes the Biography series, history and other documentaries, through the A&E Network, the Biography Channel, the History Channel, and the History Channel International. A&E is a joint venture of the Hearst Corporation, ABC and NBC. Back one page

Animal Planet - A popular cable and satellite channel with a variety of programming on, you guessed it, animals! Animal Planet is produced by Discovery Communications. Back one page

Biography Channel - Derived from A&E's successful Biography series, the Biography Channel offers thematic prime-time programming, including Leaders & Legends, Great Women, Action Heroes, and Lifespan -- a four-hour Sunday evening special on one of civilization's greatest figures. It "offers viewers a unique perspective and uncommon understanding of famous people and the times in which they flourished." Its Web site offers links to more information about each person profiled on the channel via a 25,000-name database. Back one page

Body & Soul - Each week, the PBS-sponsored program "Body & Soul" looks at the latest ideas on how the mind and body can work together for our optimal physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Its Web site provides a list of Body & Soul programs with detailed descriptions, a list of show dates and local stations on which its airs, and information on purchasing tapes. The site also includes opinions from leading experts on alternative therapies, as well as people whose lives have been changed through such therapies. Back one page

Bravo - Bravo is dedicated to film and the performing arts. Its critically-acclaimed programming features American and international film, theater, dance, music, documentaries and original shows that profile the creative process and creative culture. Programming includes Inside the Actors Studio, Bravo Profiles series, Broadway on Bravo, Arena, The Awful Truth and Louis Theroux's Weird Weekends. Bravo Networks is developing across new technology platforms, including broadband content and video-on-demand. A Rainbow Media company, Bravo reaches 50 million U.S. homes and has received a host of awards. Back one page

British Broadcasting Corporation - Since it was first formed as a company in 1922, the BBC has been a world leader and has pioneered communications in radio, television and online technologies. Its programs, including world and regional news, the arts, education, health, history, nature, religion and science, are accessible around the globe via the airwaves, satellite, cable, short wave radio and the Internet. Back one page

BBC World - BBC World is the BBC's  international news and information channel broadcasting 24 hours a day around the world from its base at BBC Television Centre in London. It is an integral part of the BBC's commitment to global broadcasting and, along with BBC World Service Radio, provides a focal point for viewers and listeners around the world. Back one page

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation - As Canada's public broadcaster, CBC provides services in English and in French; tells Canadians' stories, reflecting the reality and diversity of Canada; informs Canadians about news and issues of relevance and interest; supports Canadian arts and culture; and builds bridges among Canadians, between its regions and two linguistic communities. CBC's Web site provides an extensive list of local programs and stations, and a large number of live and archived streaming programs. Back one page

Closer to Truth - CTT is a cross-media genre presenting to broad public audiences "Knowledge Affairs" in which the fundamental questions of our times are explored by creative and thoughtful scientists, scholars and artists. CTT, as it is disseminated nationally on public television, in a companion book, on video and audio tapes, and through its Web site, affords the global community the opportunity to explore and contribute to the marketplace of fundamental ideas about the human condition. Back one page

Discovery Communications - Discovery Communications, Inc. (DCI) is a private company responsible for the Discovery Channel. With primarily science- and nature-oriented television programs, the Discovery Channel is one of the top-rated cable networks in the U.S. DCI also owns The Learning Channel (TLC), Animal Planet and the Travel Channel, and provides the Discovery Health, Discovery Science, Discovery Civilization, Discovery Home & Leisure, Discovery Wings, Discovery School and Discovery Kids channels. Its programs reach more than 175 million subscribers in about 150 countries. Back one page

GodTalk - "GodTalk" is a series of television programs drawing people of many different faiths together to discuss pressing social, moral and spiritual issues and to discern common ground. An alternative to traditional religious programs, GodTalk aims to "awaken the spirit, nourish the soul, heal the heart, expand consciousness, transform lives, and inspire believers of all faiths." Available on over a dozen television stations in Maryland, Missouri, New York, North Carolina, Texas, and Virginia. Offers related video clips free and video tapes for sale at its Web site. Back one page

Hartley Film Foundation - The Hartley Film Foundation is a small non-profit organization, begun in 1965. HFF has produced films on all the world's great spiritual traditions and now produces films on personal growth, psychic research, holistic health, meditation, death and dying, and steps toward peace. Its primary goal has been to promote an understanding of our selves and our interconnected-ness that transcends race, religion and national boundaries. Back one page

History Channel - Provides documentaries on a variety of historical topics, along with its sister channel, the History Channel International, and is part of the A&E Television Networks. Back one page

Independent Film Channel, The - A network for films made outside the Hollywood studio system, IFC presents a blend of feature-length television premieres, documentaries, shorts and animation -- "all unedited and commercially-uninterrupted; all with an attitude that is as real, irreverent and 'indie' as the films and filmmakers themselves." IFC includes titles from leading independent film studios and features exclusive live coverage of notable international film events like the Cannes Film Festival. It provides additional, real-time information on the Web and enhanced broadband. A Rainbow Media channel, IFC reaches more than 48 million homes around the country. Back one page

Janson Media - While not providing broadcasted media directly to the public, this unique company does offer video programs for purchase and is worth noting. Janson Media is a producer and supplier of film and television programming "that is entertaining, informative, thought-provoking, and enlightening." Janson features entertainment and information of high quality covering a wide range of genres, both documentary and drama, with an abiding interest in values and inspirational programming, and in family and children's films. Back one page

Lifetime - Lifetime is dedicated to providing contemporary, innovative entertainment and information on-air and online that is of particular interest to women. Its television programming and Web site are designed for women and the people in their lives, offering the latest information on health and fitness, home and hobbies, and family and friends. The network has been recognized by leading women's groups and nonprofit organizations and is found on a variety of cable and satellite networks. Back one page

Native American Public Telecommunications - The NAPT Public Television Program Fund supports program ideas that bring new perspectives on Native American cultures and diversity to public television audiences through PBS. The NAPT Web site includes video clips for viewing and information on Vision Maker Video, the nation's largest collection of authentic Native American video programs. VMV offers educational and institutional distribution of Native productions to schools, libraries, museums, and other groups through Lucerne Media. Back one page - is an integrated media content provider of holistic, natural lifestyle programming, alternative news, information and editorials. Its mission is to help create a more healthful, loving and peaceful world by providing global markets with media-based resources for personal and planetary transformation. was founded by its chairman Robert Schnitzer in 1997 with modest funding from start-up investors who shared his dream. Back one page

Odyssey Network - A 24-hour programming service available to more than 29 million homes through 1,500 cable systems, DirecTV, the Primestar satellite service (Channel 84) and C-Band dish owners across the country. The network is committed to family-oriented, meaningful and spiritually significant entertainment, including the series Landmarks of Faith. Odyssey is owned and operated by wholly- owned subsidiaries of Hallmark Entertainment, The Jim Henson Company, Liberty Media Corp. and the National Interfaith Cable Coalition (NICC). Back one page

Oprah - Oprah obviously needs no introduction. This woman and her media conglomerate, with a strong feminine perspective, have firmly imprinted themselves on American culture the last several years. The themes on her television show, magazine and Web site include mind, body, spiritual, and lifestyle matters. Her Web site includes a wealth of information about these issues, as well as times and places her show can be seen on network television, and video clip previews. Back one page

Outdoor Life Network - For those with a passion for experiencing nature. Highlights include award-winning series and events like Adventure Quest and the Raid Gauloises. Outdoor Adventure also features shows like Wild Survival with Corbin Bersen and Danger Zone with Picabo Street. The Cousteau Chronicles, Earth Rescue and The Thin Green Line headline its environmental block, while the Best of Bill Dance and In-Fisherman are two signature series in the Field and Stream block of programming. Available by cable and satellite, it also includes action sports.  Back one page

PBS - PBS is a non-profit media enterprise owned and operated by the nation's 348 public television stations. PBS uses noncommercial television, the Internet and other media to provide Americans a broad spectrum of "quality programs and education services that inform, inspire and delight." Available to 99 percent of American homes with televisions and to an increasing number of digital multimedia households, PBS serves nearly 100 million people each week. To find the public television station(s) in your local area by zip code, state or territory visit PBS's Station Finder page. Back one page

PBS YOU - PBS YOU ( is a 24/7 program service offering viewers formal and informal education programming on television -- including adult learning, foreign language instruction, How-To, and educational documentaries. Viewers can simply watch the programs for entertainment and self enrichment; self-teach without formal interface; or, for many of the series, enroll and obtain college credit through the Internet. Such enrollment can lead to college degrees from the more than 1,000 colleges that offer PBS telecourses. Back one page

Research Channel - The ResearchChannel (formerly ResearchTV) was founded by a group of university and corporate researchers in 1997 to communicate, through a video programming service, the contributions research makes to our educational, cultural, and economic prosperity; and the trends and developments that have influenced or will impact our world. It features new ideas, techniques, discoveries, current theories and researcher profiles. It is located on Channel 9400 on Echostar's DISH 500 Network, with webcasts and video archives also available at its Web site. Back one page - provides a network of unique Internet "video channels" for a variety of interests, including travel, health, the environment, medicine, finance and investing, and womens and children programming, among others. is also building such video channels to showcase the causes of charitable and non-profit organizations, and currently includes Greenpeace. Back one page

Television Trust for the Environment - A U.K.-based non-profit organization, TVE produces and distributes films on environment, development, health and human rights issues. TVE's goal is to use broadcast television and other audio-visual resources to raise environmental awareness worldwide. Since TVE's launch in 1984, billions of people around the world have watched its programs. Its flagship "Earth Report" is broadcast weekly on BBC World, with schedules, transcripts, video clips, and programs for sale at its Web site on its various programs. Back one page

The Learning Channel (TLC) - A popular cable and satellite channel with a variety of programming on science news, people, history, and paranormal topics, among other things. TLC is produced by Discovery Communications. Back one page

Thinking Allowed - Thinking Allowed is an independent public television series and an extensive video library. Thinking Allowed aims to provide an open, non-adversarial forum for the exchange of intelligent, alternative ideas. Now uplinked via the National Educational Telecommunications Association, in its 12-year history Thinking Allowed has aired on more than 100 PBS stations in most major markets. It also now airs weekly on Wisdom Media's Wisdom Television. Back one page

Travel Channel - A popular cable and satellite channel with a variety of programming on, you guessed it, travel! Travel Channel is produced by Discovery Communications. Back one page

UCTV - UCTV ( delivers documentaries, faculty lectures, cutting-edge research symposiums and artistic performances from each of the ten U.C. campuses, including U.C. Berkeley and U.C.L.A. UCTV programs are broadcast live and on-demand 24/7 at its Web site using the latest in Web-delivery technology. UCTV is also available to more than 3 million television viewers throughout North America on Echostar Satellite's DISH Network, channel 9412. Back one page

Wisdom Media - WISDOMŪ Media provides 24/7 programming and was created to respond to the increasing interest in information about personal growth, alternative medicine, social consciousness, spirituality, relationships and global issues. WISDOMŪ Television and Radio are free on Wisdom's web site and to C-band dish owners (TV on GE1 Satellite, channel 12, radio on subcarrier 7.1). WISDOM Television is also available on DISH Networks "America's Top 150" Programming Package. Back one page

Witness - The nonprofit WITNESS program develops video footage of human rights abuses around the world by providing video equipment and field training to local activists. WITNESS partner groups combat injustice across the globe on a wide range of issues -- from the atrocities in the former Yugoslavia and Rwanda, to sweatshops in the USA, and women's and children's rights across Asia. WITNESS partner groups reveal the truth -- to their governments and people, to international tribunals and UN committees, and to TV viewers worldwide via outlets like the BBC, CNN, and ABC, and through video clips on its Web site. WITNESS is a project of the Lawyers Committee for Human Rights. Back one page

WorldLink TV - WorldLink TV ( is dedicated to providing Americans with global perspectives on news, events and culture. It focuses on critical global issues from human rights, justice and conflict prevention to environmental protection, sustainable development and preserving cultural integrity in the face of globalization — and presents music and culture from around the world. The channel was launched in December 1999 and is available as basic service from DIRECTV (Channel 375) and EchoStar's DISH Network (Channel 9410). Its Web site will increasingly offer more information, interactive chat and opportunities to contribute to featured causes. WorldLink is operated by Link Media, Inc. a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. Back one page

Worldwide Broadcast Network - The WWBC plans to be the most comprehensive streaming media portal on the Internet, where content providers can effectively showcase their content and audiences can customize their viewing. WWBC has gathered video and audio programming from a large variety of sources, including a number of programs that you may find worthwhile, particularly under its "Lifestyle" and "TV & Web Shows" categories. WWBC mixes its video with its audio listings, and a large number of these sources provide their programs only over the Web.


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