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April 2003

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Welcome back! A month has passed since our last newsletter, but within that short period our focus has changed from ?shock and awe? to ?turmoil and debate? -- turmoil in the Middle East and around the world, and debate among the pundits about whether the war is moving as planned. Whatever one?s views, it is clear that after the dot-com collapse, the controversial presidential elections of 2000, 9/11, the global economic slowdown, and the breakdown of decades-old transatlantic alliances, we have now entered a new phase in one of the most dramatic periods in modern history. The signs, though, don?t seem to be very encouraging. A lot of damage has already been done. In addition, forecasts do not have enough visibility while the fog of war clouds them.

To quote someone who has quite a bit of experience with forecasts, financial astrologer Henry Weingarten states in his latest newsletter, Wall Street, Next Week: ?Economically, the U.S. economy is now likely to slide downhill instead of continuing to slowly improve. Whether the U.S. economy will be in trouble beyond 2004 is an open question at this time.? In my view, this is also true for the political landscape.

In the meantime, the Paraview community keeps busy. Two Paraview authors share their views on Iraq. Jim Garrison describes his recent travel experience to the Middle East, and gives some historical perspective to allied involvement in Iraq. Lyn Buchanan explains a possible reason why the U.S. seemed to anticipate Saddam Hussein?s moves better during Gulf War I: the use of controlled remote viewers to gather information.

Furthermore, Paraview announced a new partnership with two other companies, Publishing Dimensions and Content Directions, which will allow us to use Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) with our titles. This innovative technology will benefit readers and authors alike in embedding more information about a title or an author in each title. Have a look at our press release, which will show you how it works.

Last but not least, we are releasing three new titles this month. Our latest title under the Paraview Pocket Book imprint, Bigfoot! The True Story of Apes in America is by noted cryptozoologist Loren Coleman. Coleman will be speaking on ?Sex and Bigfoot? and signing copies of his books at the fortean UnConvention in London later this month. Our second new book is Catholics at a Crossroads, by Eileen Flynn. Flynn analyzes the Catholic Church?s sexual abuse crisis and coverup, and comes up with solutions to this crisis. And, finally, Looking for God in All the Wrong Places, by Marie Jones, is a spiritual field guide that examines the people, places, and things we often mistake for our Higher Power.

With these developments and new books, our minds will be busy in the days and weeks to come.

See you next month.

Alexander M. Dake

Transforming the World -- One Book at a Time

Conscious TV

Avoiding Armageddon (PBS)
Monday, April 14 through Thursday, April 17
Check website for schedule.
This first production from Ted Turner Documentaries hits a nerve. Hosted by Walter Cronkite, the four-part series explores the threat posed by nuclear, chemical, and biological warfare -- and urges viewers to understand that Armageddon can be avoided. Colin Powell, George Tenant, Jimmy Carter, Kofi Annan, and Mikhail Gorbachev offer their opinions throughout; each segment is followed by a discussion moderated by Frank Sesno.

MegaScience (Discovery Science)
Sundays, 8 p.m. ET
Think you can?t understand complex, complicated scientific theories? Think again. This series explains them so anyone can understand. Leading experts discuss intriguing ideas such as black holes and how ESP works.

Wild Survival (OLN)
Check website for schedule.
There?s a fine line between having an adventure and getting into serious trouble, and host Corbin Bernsen offers up tales of people who have crossed that line in the outdoors. Watch an impalement in Alaska (April 15), a windsurfing accident (April 21), and a scorpion attack (April 23) all from the safety of your couch.

Conscious Radio

Expert Witness (WBAI)
Webcast live Mondays at 5 p.m. ET
Paraview Literary Agency client Kristina Borjesson co-hosts and produces this show with Mike Levine. Listeners will learn the behind-the-scenes secrets of law enforcement, politics, the media, and more.

Discovery Channel Radio
Check the website for stations and schedule.
Long known for its outstanding cable programming, the Discovery Channel has taken to radio -- XM Satellite Radio and Sirius Satellite Radio, to be exact. Regular programs include ?Sci-Trek,? ?Discovery Health Break,? ?Travel Secrets,? and ?Wild Discovery.?

Conscious Internet

State of the World Forum
Jim Garrison, the author of the Paraview Press title Civilization and the Transformation of Power, is the president of this organization devoted to gathering the creative genius on the planet and solving global crises. Their site is loaded with thought-provoking information from our world?s best and brightest. bills itself as ?your best source for antiwar news, viewpoints, and activities.? The site is devoted to the cause of non-interventionism and its parent organization is the Randolph Bourne Institute.

Wall Street, Next Week
This newsletter by financial astrologer Henry Weingarten contains much solid information about the planetary influence on the market. Can you afford to ignore it?

Foreign Policy in Focus
This think tank without walls has a lot to offer. In addition to its critique of the war in Iraq, the site features articles on the Bush 2004 budget, the U.S. policy on Africa, North Korea and Asia, and the environment.

The Online Books Page
Did you know that more than 18,000 books are freely available online? (And they said that the Internet would mean the death of reading. . .) Search through some of the listings hosted by the University of Pennsylvania Library and be amazed.

Conscious Life

Earth Day Celebrations
April 22
Planet Earth
Celebrate Earth Day via some online resources. Try going on an Energy Fast or get your kids involved in the Earth Day Groceries Project. You can find celebrations in your community at the EnviroLink Network, too.

?Jesus Christ: The Bearer of the Water of Life?
This Christian reflection on New Age spirituality is offered by the Vatican?s Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue, and it?s definitely worth a look.

Dancing with Photons
Vision Maker Video, $14.95
This award-winning 30-minute video profiles Dr. Fred Begay, a nuclear physicist who manages to integrate into his work the wisdom of his Ute and Navajo ancestors.

Buckminster Fuller Institute
The Buckminster Fuller Institute is devoted to creating a sustainable future for 100% of humanity via Fuller?s Design Science principles. In short, the institute wants to realize humanity?s option for success.


New at Paraview in April

Our new books and articles will rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit.

New Book: Bigfoot! The True Story of Apes in America
Is there an ape roaming North America? Loren Coleman explores the Bigfoot story in this Paraview Pocket Book.
Explore all of our other paranormal titles, too

New Book: Catholics at a Crossroads
In this Paraview Press release, Eileen Flynn analyzes the greatest crisis to face the Catholic Church -- the sexual abuse scandal and its coverup by the hierarchy.

New Book: Looking for God in All the Wrong Places
Got God? Everybody searches for the divine. In Paraview Press? Looking for God in All the Wrong Places, Marie Jones uses humor, insight, and experience to examine what we often mistake for our Higher Power.

Features: Views on Iraq
Jim Garrison explores our links to Saddam, while Lyn Buchanan notes that we have one less item in our arsenal now -- the military?s remote viewing program.

Featured Client: Kristina Borjesson
Congratulations go out to Paraview Literary Agency client Kristina Borjesson, whose Into the Buzzsaw was named a ?Book to Remember 2002? by the New York Public Library.

See you next month!

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