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August 2003

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Conscious Planet: Our New Monthly Media Guide

Welcome back! As summer is in full swing, this is a good moment to look back on what is actually happening in our increasingly digitized society. Yes, the Internet bubble collapsed a few years ago, but there are more signs that this hasn?t diminished the importance of technology for you, our readers, or for us at Paraview. Almost every aspect of daily life and business is affected. The article ?Luddites Beware: It?s a High-Tech World? in the August 2 International Herald Tribune highlights the following statistics: the percentage of households in the US with PCs has increased from 50 percent to 64 percent since 1999; online households have increased from 33 percent to 59 percent; and the use of digital cameras has increased from 3 percent to 17 percent. Furthermore, a report by the National Science Foundation called ?Revolutionizing Science and Engineering Through Cyber Infrastructure? states that ?a new age has dawned in scientific and engineering research. Pushed by continuous progress in computing, information, and communication technology.? In other words, even though companies and investors now spend less money on technology compared to the dot-com days, more ordinary people are using technology at home and in the office. The effect of this trend is already visible in our everyday lives, but will only increase in the coming years.

Paraview keeps innovating as well. We continue to support and empower our authors by offering new products: this month, it?s a media publicity kit prepared by book marketing expert Brian Jud. This kit will show our authors, and anyone else who is interested in improving their media skills, how to get on the air and promote books on radio and TV. Also read Brian?s article ?Practice Makes Permanent? about rehearsing before making a radio or TV appearance.

On the publishing front I invite you to have a look at a reprint of a book which may become a classic: Corporate Renaissance by visionary businessman Rolf ?terberg. Although written in the early nineties, its lessons after the corporate and executive failures of that decade are even more important and urgent than ever. If more people would have read this book earlier, it might have saved us from the corporate mess we got into during the last several years.

Have also a look at our other books for this month, an interview with philosopher Jacob Needleman on the meaning of money, and our media guide for August. As always, let us know about any suggestions or questions you have.

Until next month --

Alexander M. Dake

Transforming the World -- One Book at a Time

Conscious TV

Well-Being (WISDOM?)
Sunday, August 10, 9 p.m.
Monday, August 11, 12 a.m.
Paraview Press author Judy Griffin explains her battle with Crohn?s desease and the healing power of flower and plant medicine. She now shares the wisdom of the plant world in this Well-Being episode and her Paraview book, Flowers that Heal.

Tuesday Declassified (SCI FI)
Tuesdays, prime time
Get the chills this summer with SCI FI?s block of specials devoted to unexplained phenomena. ?Ghost Stories,? hosted by Patrick Macnee, and ?Real Ghosts,? which re-enacts supernatural encounters, air on August 5 and 12. ?Beyond Bizarre? (August 12 and 19) and ?Mark Salem?s Out of His Mind? (August 19) will challenge and intrigue you, too.

The Wind of Change (PBS)
Monday, August 25
This documentary on the end of colonialism in Africa demonstrates the impact of independence on the 26 African nations that gained their freedom between 1958 and 1964 -- only to be caught in cold war rivalries and internal conflicts.

Conscious Radio

Day to Day (NPR)
Check site for schedule and stations.
This collaboration, a one-hour weekday newsmagazine, launched on July 28. Slate?s writers and editors -- including founding editor Michael Kinsley -- contribute pieces on politics, news, entertainment, and more. NPR?s Alex Chadwick hosts.

Free Speech Radio News (WBAI)
Weekdays, 6:30-7 p.m.
?Free Speech Radio News? lives up to its name: it?s owned and managed by news reporters and is an independent broadcast news organization. Any journalist may pitch a story, which are typically devoted to peace and social justice worldwide.

Conscious Internet

Naturalist Network
This site is loaded with all things natural. Channels cover topics such as daily news, gardening, the environment, eco-travel, food and drink, and money. You can even find a car-pooling buddy, too.

Slow Food
Worried about genetically modified crops? Overly processed food? The hectic pace of modern life? Then check out Slow Food, a movement that recognizes the importance of rest, hospitality, and thoughtfulness.

Conscious Life

Canadian National Sci-Fi Expo
Toronto, Canada
August 22-24
Finish off your summer with this huge weekend conference. You?ll see Leonard Nimoy and other celebrity guests, learn from industry pros, get a sneak peak at new products, and collect a few autographs.

YES! A Journal of Positive Futures
Created by the Positive Futures Network, YES! provides hopeful news for a just, compassionate, and sustainable future. The Summer 2003 issue looks at finding courage, the meaning of war, and dismantling the fortresses of fear.


New at Paraview in August

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New Service
Want to promote your book on radio or TV? Paraview authors can purchase marketing expert Brian Jud?s Media Publicity Kit at a special price.

New Book
In Corporate Renaissance, Rolf ?terberg argues that businesses have the potential to act as an agent of change toward a human-oriented society. Check out our other books on responsible business.

PR Tip of the Month
In ?Practice Makes Permanent,? marketing expert Brian Jud claims that rehearsing for a TV or radio appearance is a good start -- but you?ve got to know what to rehearse, and how.

See you next month!

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