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December 2002

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Welcome back! November appears to have passed just after it has arrived. A month ago, we were looking forward to exciting midterm elections; it turned out to be quite a straightforward, although unexpected, victory for the Republicans under the leadership of George W. Bush. What Paul Ray described as a shifting political landscape occurring beneath the surface appears to remain not yet visible in national politics. But in a year where America and the rest of the world are grappling with the consequences of 9/11, corporate fraud, and the loss of trust in other political, economic, and religious institutions, one can wonder what role leadership is playing, a leadership which is at least nominally responsible for allowing these crises to happen. 

John Renesch, business futurist and expert in conscious leadership, describes in this month?s article, ?Bogus Leadership,? what he calls bogus leadership, and the alternative of conscious leadership. While emphasizing the responsibility of each individual, he states: ?If we are to recover from this epidemic of bogus leadership -- and regain some authenticity and competency -- we need to take some responsibility for who we allow to lead us. We need to find that consciousness which resides within us all and take charge of our future -- to resurrect our humanness and rediscover our souls so we regain trust in the people who lead us.?

If you want to know more about enlightened leadership, read also the renewed version of Leadership in a New Era, edited by John Renesch. This book has just been published by our newest imprint, Paraview Special Editions, which specializes in bringing out-of-print books back into print. If you have any favorite books that are no longer available, let us know and it might soon be available again for you and readers around the world.

In a year when business leaders have disappointed many, there clearly is a need for a different kind of business. Entrepreneur and author Daryl Paulson describes exactly that in his new book Competitive Business, Caring Business. It?s a must-read if you are a business person, work for a corporation, or are interested in how the most powerful sector of our society can behave more responsibly.

Another book that can help you gain better understanding of yourself and thus your own role in life is A New Vision of Astrology, by Paraview Literary Agency client A.T. Mann. Finally, if you are interested in understanding the big picture and connecting the dots, we offer an interview with one of the most influential philosophers of our time, Ken Wilber. Wilber speaks in this interview on many different topics, integrating science and spirituality. 

Paraview again has succeeded in offering interesting books and issues to think about, offering you opportunities for enlightenment in the dark days of December. I wish everyone a happy holiday season.

Alexander M. Dake

Lux Mentis, Lux Orbis
Light of the Mind, Light of the World

Conscious TV

Steven Spielberg Presents ?Taken? (SCI FI)
Begins Monday, December 2
9 p.m. Eastern, 8 p.m. Central
Stock up on some blank videos: When Steven Spielberg gets involved in a TV project, it?s an event. This 20-hour miniseries portrays events in the lives of three generations of three families who have had contact with alien creatures. What do they know, and how do they cope? 

Unsolved History (DISC)
Check website for dates and times.
If we only knew then what we know now?Unsolved History investigates historical puzzles with present-day technology. On December 5 and 7, its experts look at the destruction of the U.S.S. Arizona at Pearl Harbor. 

Muhammad: Legacy of a Prophet (PBS)
Wednesday, December 18
Check website for time.
About 1.2 billion people follow his teachings, and now Muhammad: Legacy of a Prophet traces his life story to reveal Muhammad as a person. Three years in the making, and narrated by Andre Braugher, this documentary also sheds light on what many American Muslims believe and how they worship. 

Conscious Radio

Wait Wait ? Don?t Tell Me! (NPR)
Check website for dates and times.
Peter Sagal hosts this weekly news quiz that asks questions about real news stories -- and invented ones. Recent guests include Paul Theroux and P.J. O?Rourke.

A Prairie Home Companion (NPR)
Check website for dates and times.
Still going strong after all these years, Garrison Keillor?s Prairie Home Companion offers a little audio comfort food for its loyal listeners. What else do you need during the wintertime?

Conscious Internet
Media Rights is a community Web site that helps media makers, educators, librarians, nonprofits, and activists use documentaries to encourage action and inspire dialogue on contemporary social issues.
Get in tune with nature by learning more about the winter solstice, the shortest day of the year. Learn how various ancient cultures have honored this turning point and then mark this day with your own celebration. 

Conscious Life
This Wisconsin-based company offers holiday-gift alternatives to high-tech, mind-numbing gadgets: natural games and toys. Who needs another video game when you can load up a bat house? (Yup -- you read that right.)
If you resolve to give more to others in 2003, check out these sites, which are loaded with information about volunteer opportunities wherever you are, and whatever you want to do.


New at Paraview in December

Relieve your holiday stress by exploring our website. It?s full of new insights, inspiring authors, and uncommon viewpoints.

Competitive Business, Caring Business: New Book!
The newest release from Paraview Press and author Daryl Paulson offers stunning insights for business and industry by demonstrating the true meaning of "integral business."

Leadership in a New Era: New Book!
Paraview launches our newest imprint, Paraview Special Editions, with its first book, Leadership in a New Era, edited by business futurist John Renesch. 

Bogus Leaders: Feature
In this essay, John Renesch explains how to identify genuine leaders -- ?conscious leaders? -- among all of the fakes. 

A.T. Mann: Client of the Month
Paraview Literary Agency client A.T. Mann?s book, A New Vision of Astrology, has arrived! Mann?s comprehensive system shows readers how to make connections and fully understand themselves and their relationships.

Ken Wilber: Interview
Philosopher and writer Ken Wilber discusses his ideas on integrating science and spirituality in this ?Speaking of Everything? interview. 

See you next month!

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