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December 2003

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Conscious Planet: Our Monthly Media Guide

Welcome back! What a year it?s been, and it?s not over yet: from Iraq to D.C. snipers, from stock market recovery to ongoing uncertainty about employment, from new Democratic presidential hopefuls to Bush, who delivered strong PR moves and turkey to US troops in Iraq, from Harry Potter?s latest amazing success to Hillary Clinton?s own bestseller. This list continues with many other major developments not always visible to the media -- in people?s personal lives, in local communities around the world, and in small companies.

For us at Paraview this has been quite a year as well. We launched our partnership with Simon & Schuster by publishing intriguing and diverse titles such as The Seventh Sense, by renowned remote viewing expert Lyn Buchanan; Bigfoot!, by the world?s leading cryptozoologist, Loren Coleman; and, more recently, Men in Black Dresses, by Middle East historian Yvonne Seng. All of these books have succeeded in drawing attention, adding to debate, and reaching wider and wider readerships.

Paraview also began re-releasing out-of-print books dealing with important topics such as self-improvement (Life Changes), spirituality (Native Heart) and socially responsible business (Corporate Renaissance). More and more authors are approaching us with requests to get their books republished, leading us to expand our efforts in this field in the coming year.

I?d like to mention a few other highlights from this year. We began working with the leading publicist Livingston Communications, which has added to the popularity of Paraview books. I also want to mention the growing interest of you, our subscribers and readers: we received questions, suggestions, and, yes, also some criticism from you. All are welcome. The more we hear from you, the better we can do our work. Keep sending us your comments.

This month, we?re presenting more interesting conscious media selections. We are also releasing the classic book The Great New England Sea Serpent by J.P. O?Neill, which is about a strange creature that?s been sighted off the coast of New England. This book, just like our other books, is a great gift for those who want to be enlightened and entertained during the dark days of December.

I wish you all a warm and pleasant holiday season, and I look forward seeing you again in the New Year.

Until next month --

Alexander M. Dake

Transforming the World -- One Book at a Time

Conscious TV
A WISDOM Holiday: The Gift of Song (WISDOM ?)
December 18, 21, 24, and 25
Check the website for schedule
WISDOM presents its first holiday musical special, hosted by Robin Crow. Guests include two Paraview Literary Agency clients -- Lenedra Carroll, the author of The Architecture of All Abundance, and Mike Rayburn, a guitarist and comedian who?ll play Carnegie Hall on January 17.

Battlestar Galactica (SCI FI)
Premieres December 8
9 p.m. ET/8 p.m. CT
SCI FI updated this fondly remembered series from 1978. Now, Starbuck is a female character played by Katee Sackhoff, and the special effects and storyline hold more surprises, too. And don?t miss all of the extras on the website.

What I Want My Words to Do to You (PBS)
December 16
Check website for schedule
This installment of POV goes inside a writing workshop led by Eve Ensler at the Bedford Hills Correctional Facility in Westchester, New York. The participants, women convicted of crimes such as murder, wrestle with their consciences and incarceration.

Conscious Radio
CounterSpin (WBAI)
Fridays, 10 a.m. ET
Hosted by Janine Jackson, Steve Rendall, and Peter Hart, this is the weekly program of media analysis and activism from FAIR, the national media watch group. CounterSpin champions critical, independent journalism that cuts against the corporate grain.

ParaNet Continuum Archives
This formerly nationally syndicated radio show focused on UFO evidence and experiences. While it no longer airs, you can find five years of programs on its website.

Conscious Internet
?What Was Hidden?
In this interview originally published in The Sun, author and former editor of Gnosis Richard Smoley discusses ?inner Christianity,? the subject of his latest book. ?Inner Christianity -- like all genuine spiritual traditions, I believe -- involves a process of freeing consciousness from subjugation to its own experience,? he says.

World Changing
This site highlights visionary people and projects around the world. Topics include global culture, money as a tool, the means of expression, and technological innovation.

Conscious Life
World Institute for Social Enlightenment (WISE)
WISE is a nonprofit corporation dedicated to fostering and promoting spiritual enlightenment sharing the perennial truths and philosophies inherent in the world's great religions.

The Mariposa Group
This organization combines the best of CoHousing along with the best from intentional community efforts to provide a stable, uplifting and joyful living environment based upon financial and environmental stability, love, truth, and deep friendship among its members.

The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (Platinum Edition DVD)
Trashy reality TV shows will get you through the winter, but they won?t stretch your imagination. This DVD will. It includes 43 minutes of new material and more behind-the-scenes info than you can shake a sword at.


What's New at Paraview

End the year on an inspiring note by checking out the latest on our site.

The Great New England Sea Serpent
For more than 300 years, a strange creature has been sighted off the coast of Maine. J.P. O?Neill provides a breathtaking account of this mysterious sea serpent, which still makes appearances today.

PR Tip of the Month
Like life, book promotion requires variety. Marketing expert Brian Jud provides advice about selecting the right publicity tools for you and getting your promotional mix right.

See you next month!

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