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January 2004

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Conscious Planet: Our Monthly Media Guide

Welcome back! I wish everyone a Happy New Year and we at Paraview are looking forward to an exciting and fruitful new year for our readers and authors, and for people interested in how consciousness is spreading around the world, in their community, or on the Net.

We start 2004 with great news for one of Paraview?s authors, Marie Jones: her book Looking for God in All the Wrong Places was named Best Religious/Spiritual Book of 2003 by This award is a very welcome appreciation for this spiritual field guide that?s of interest to anyone who is looking for the divine, but not always sure of where to find it.

Speaking of guidebooks, our latest Paraview Pocket Book, Experiencing the Next World Now by philosopher Michael Grosso, is a guide to the world beyond. It is about life after death, but even more strikingly it shows how we all can access this other world through our own mind. It?s fascinating journey written by a leading thinker on consciousness.

If you want to read Grosso?s views on another very current subject, then his feature article ?Apocalyptic Thought on the Rampage? will offer you his insights on the increasing use of religious rhetoric by the world?s leaders.

If one of your New Year?s resolutions is to get your personal finances organized, then Paraview Literary Agency client Chellie Campbell and her The Wealthy Spirit can help you with this in an easy-to-follow spiritual and financial guide.

As usual, this month, we have an interesting array of conscious media information. If you have any further suggestions or websites worth highlighting, please let us know.

Once again, on behalf of the Paraview team, with the best wishes for the New Year.

See you next month --

Alexander M. Dake

Transforming the World -- One Book at a Time

Conscious TV
FRONTLINE/World: Forbidden Iran (PBS)
Thursday, January 8
In July 2003, a Canadian reporter, Zara Kazemi, was beaten to death in Iran for her attempt to tell the story of the underground student movement that opposes the nation?s oppressive mullahs. Kazemi?s fellow journalist Jane Kokan reveals both stories in this fascinating FRONTLINE/World report.

Code Name: Eternity (SCI FI)
Premieres Friday January 9
Like suspense? Rogue aliens that take on human form? New TV series in the dead of winter? Then check out Code Name: Eternity, the SCI FI Channel?s new series starring Cameron Bancroft, Andrew Gilles, and Ingrid Kavelaars.

Wildlife Wars (Animal Planet)
Check website for schedule
Many species are endangered species on our planet and human poachers are one of the greatest threats to some rare animals. Fortunately, Terry Grosz, star of Wildlife Wars, is a worthy defender and protector.

Conscious Radio
The Meria Heller Show
Check website for schedule.
A one-woman multimedia dynamo, Meria?s Internet radio show has featured guests such as Dennis Kucinich, Greg Palast, Robert McChesney, and Jean Shinoda Bolen.

Create Your Healthy Home (WBAI)
Check website for schedule
It?s winter and we?re all spending a lot of time at home. But couldn?t it be a little healthier? Hosts May Dooley and Jim Richardson explain how you can remedy various environmental problems such as poor air and water quality.

Conscious Internet
Integral Naked
This site, created by the Integral Institute, offers multimedia explorations of just about everything under the sun -- and beyond that, too. Discussions are often moderated by Ken Wilber, and definitely worth your time. Larry Dossey just recorded a dialog called ?Your Nonlocal Mind,? in which he and Wilber explore the research supporting the effects of ?distant intentionality? (such as prayer) on health and healing.

This organization was formed because the Earth needs a good lawyer. Check out their efforts to support the environment in the face of challenges by the Bush administration. And they?ve got a cool benefit CD called Where We Live with songs from Norah Jones, Bonnie Raitt, Bob Dylan, and Tom Waits.

Conscious Life
The Third Annual Joshua P. Warren Paranormal Conference
January 9-11
Asheville, North Carolina
Are you interested in Bigfoot? Aliens and UFOs? Psychic phenomena? Extreme martial arts? We know you are. You can delve into all of these subjects at this annual paranormal conference. Paraview?s Loren Coleman will speak on ?Sex and the Single Sasquatch? and Patrick Huyghe will present an illustrated guide to UFO aliens.

?Changes Are Welcome, But More Are Still Needed?
The Catholic Church is releasing another progress report, and Paraview Press author Eileen Flynn is weighing in on it in the Miami Herald. Flynn, author of Catholics at a Crossroads, says in her op-ed piece that the church can do even better: ?This New Year does not represent a chance to just move on; important steps remain to be taken.?

Mike Rayburn at Carnegie Hall
January 17
Find out why Paraview Literary Agency client Mike Rayburn is the world?s funniest guitar virtuoso. On January 17, the musician and comedian will play Carnegie Hall. Mike?s an innovative musician, thought-provoking comedian, and philanthropist, and offers a show that you just can?t miss.

What's New at Paraview

We?re starting 2004 with a new title and new ideas.

New Book: Experiencing the Next World Now
Michael Grosso?s latest is the guidebook for an adventure that nobody can refuse -- the journey to the world beyond this one. Grosso also contributes a feature article to our site, ?Apocalyptic Thought on the Rampage.?

See you next month!

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