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July 2002

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Conscious Planet: Our New Monthly Media Guide

Summer has begun, as we are celebrating the 4th of July and head for the beaches. Life seems to slow down during the hot days of July, giving us time to relax and contemplate what it is that we like or want to do before the more restrictive colder seasons return.

The summer is also a good time for expanding your horizons through reading. If you are interested in your own well-being, then the newest Paraview Press offering, Flowers That Heal, by teacher, herbalist, and aromatherapist Judy Griffin, should appeal to you. This wide-ranging resource blends a host of recipes and remedies throughout a delightful and entertaining narrative. Griffin utilizes healing herbs, foods, flower essences, and essential oils, and provides tips on immune building, pet care, skin care, nutrition, women?s health, and much more. Flowers that Heal will become available later this month but you can read an excerpt now. In addition, check out the Paraview Press titles Looking for Orthon and Fatal Attractions, both of which earned high praise in recent reviews from Fortean Times and AAAS Science Books & Films, respectively. 

We?re also featuring a book by longstanding Paraview Literary Agency client Paul Devereux, author of Re-Visioning the Earth, about harmonizing ourselves with the fate of the earth. Not an unimportant topic, while the world?s ecology seems to be under siege. 

Take a look at a photo essay of our visit to the facilities of Lightning Source, Paraview?s print-on-demand printer. This new printing technology enables many more writers to publish works for broader and smaller audiences alike in a very cost-effective and sustainable manner. There?s never been a greater need for this type of publishing strategy. Currently, approximately 50,000 new titles are published every year, while approximately one million manuscripts are written. Are these 950,000 rejected titles all bad or are the financial hurdles of traditional publishing just too steep? You probably know the answer. In addition, approximately forty percent of all books in the bookstores remain unsold, only to be returned to the publisher and either destroyed or sold on the street corner for a few dollars. Is that a smart and sustainable way of doing business? Not according to Paraview. It is thanks to print-on-demand technology that Paraview Press is making its mark in the publishing world. 

Finally, enjoy our media guide and some of the good programming that is available throughout the various media. And again, if you have any suggestions or you want to share with us your own favorite programming, let us know. 

Alexander M. Dake

Lux Mentis, Lux Orbis
Light of the Mind, Light of the World

Conscious TV

Dream Chasers (A&E)
Saturdays, 8 p.m. ET/7 p.m. CT
Take a deep breath and then dive in. Follow a handful of daredevils as they pursue their wildest dreams, and possibly yours -- belly dancing, joining the circus, bullfighting, shark swimming, and more. 

Healthy Retreats (Discovery Health Channel)
Mornings (check local listings for exact time)
Your body is a temple, so worship it. But before you book your next spa vacation, check out Healthy Retreats, which in July covers resorts in Cypress, Spain, Australia, Arizona, Utah, and New York. 

?Mysteries of the Sphinx? (TLC)
Tuesday, July 23, at 9 p.m. ET/PT
?Nefertiti: Egypt's Mysterious Queen? (TLC)
Tuesday, July 23, at 10 p.m. ET/PT
These Mysterious World programs are truly ?appointment television.? The secrets and legacies of the Sphinx and Nefertiti have fascinated and baffled generations. On this night, you?ll discover why. 

Lifetime's Speaking of Women's Health (Lifetime)
Saturdays at 11:30 a.m. ET/PT
Don?t wait until it?s too late. Tune in every Saturday for the latest information on women?s health issues, from the healing effects of music on the body to eating right despite widespread confusion about nutrition, to seeing into your body?s future. 

Religion and Ethics Newsweekly (PBS)
Check website for dates and times. 
Want to know more about the recent court decision on the Pledge of Allegiance? Or the influence of religion on politics and culture? Religion and Ethics Newsweekly consistently addresses what mainstream news outlets often, and dangerously, overlook. 

Conscious Radio

The Savvy Traveler (Minnesota Public Radio/Public Radio International)
Check website for dates and times.
Before you go, get savvy. Host Dyana Nyad offers the secrets to amazing travel experiences, and the website is loaded with great tips and advice for anyone with wanderlust. 

Democracy Now! (Pacifica Radio)
Check website for dates and times.
This challenging and enlightening news program is a must-hear for all citizens of the world. Tune in on the radio or via the website, which offers enormous archives as well. 

Living on Earth (NPR)
Check website for dates and times. 
This weekly environmental-news program hosted by Steve Curwood helps remind us that while our minds are often elsewhere, we definitely live on ? and need to nurture ? Mother Earth.

Alternative Radio
Check website for dates and times.
Noam Chomsky fans, listen up. Alternative Radio is broadcasting a series of his insights in July. Chomsky takes on the new war on terrorism, globalization, and propaganda and the control of the public mind. 

Conscious Internet
How cool is this: A search engine that posts results in the form of a map. You?ll never get stuck in a cyber rut again.

News from Paraview 

We at Paraview are happy to bring you our latest offerings on our website at

Available Soon: Flowers that Heal 
Read an excerpt from our forthcoming Paraview Press title by renowned teacher, herbalist, and aromatherapist Judy Griffin, Ph.D.

Feature: Print-on-Demand Revolution
Paraview?s Print-on-demand printer, Lightning Source, gave us a tour of their cutting-edge facilities. Our photo essay captures it all.

Book of the Month: Re-Visioning the Earth
Scholar Paul Devereux explains what the earth can teach us about ourselves, and why respect for our planet is now more important than ever. 

Feature: Coffee Shop Encounter 
The Paraview Press title Looking for Orthon foreshadowed a strange meeting in a coffee shop. Writer Mac Tonnies explains why we are not alone.

Clip of the Month: Art and Intuition 
What makes some art great? Dr. Dean Brown discusses creativity, logic, intuition, and consciousness in this streaming video clip. 

See you next month!

If you miss anything described above that you wanted to see or hear, more information about the media providers, programming, and air times is always available through links at our Conscious TV and Conscious Radio index pages.

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