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June 2002

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Paraview Presents:
Conscious Planet: Our New Monthly Media Guide

Over the last year we have entered not only an era of increased insecurity, but we?ve also experienced the burst of the Internet bubble, the slowing economy, and the accounting scandals of Enron. What are we to make of the consequences of these events? Who can we trust if we can no longer put our faith in financial analysts and accountants, let alone FBI agents, INS officials, and some representatives of the clergy? 

This month we?re focusing on financial well-being and developing and utilizing spirituality to achieve that well-being. We?re featuring an interview with financial astrologer and forecasting guru Henry Weingarten, who shows us where the economy is heading and how astrology can play a role in gaining self-awareness and financial strength. Author and financial advisor Chellie Campbell shares two stories from her latest book, The Wealthy Spirit,  which will send us on a path toward personal enlightenment and wealth in mind, body, and spirit. Banker Gary Markoff shows in a video clip how the environment can teach us lessons about our lives and the stock market.

Despite this month?s financial emphasis, we haven?t lost our spiritual focus. Our featured Paraview Literary Agency client is Michael Peter Langevin, the founder and publisher of Magical Blend magazine, who is celebrating the release of his new book, Secrets of the Ancient Incas.  We?re also providing a sneak peek at our next Paraview Press book, Flowers that Heal by Judy Griffin, Ph.D., a delightful take on nutrition, herbal medicine, aromatherapy, and much, much more.

Finally, since this newsletter is a media guide, I am also proud to announce a personal change to the media landscape. Paraview?s founder and shining star Sandra Martin will add a new color to her rainbow of activities. She has joined Wisdom Media as their Senior Vice President of Content, responsible for their TV, radio, and Internet programming. As she will continue to be involved with Paraview, we look forward to an expanded cooperation among the authors, books, and team of Paraview with the media activities of Wisdom. In case you do not receive Wisdom Media yet on your cable or satellite dish, do visit their website, where you will see that Wisdom is the only network integrating Mind, Body, Spirit, and Earth to promote a quality lifestyle. What better place for Sandra Martin to land and add her insights and skills! We wish her all the best, and look forward to working with her in this new capacity. 

Alexander M. Dake

Lux Mentis, Lux Orbis
Light of the Mind, Light of the World

Conscious TV

The Science of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (Research Channel)
Premieres on June 11; check the website for details.
Dr. Stephen E. Straus, Director of the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) at the National Institutes of Health, gives an overview of NCCAM, the importance of scientific study of complementary and alternative medicine, and examples of current NCCAM-supported research on St. John's wort, dietary supplements, and mind-body medicine. 

America?s Outdoor Journal (Outdoor Life Network)
Thursdays, 7 a.m. Eastern
Before your next great American adventure, check out America?s Outdoor Journal every Thursday morning. Hosts Trey Carskadon and Al Noraker explore activities such as fishing, hunting, skiing, hiking, and camping while visiting new destinations and learning new techniques. Then grab your gear and go!

Click Online (BBC World)
Check the website for details.
The online world doesn?t have to be cold and distant. Host Stephen Cole guides you through special topics on the Internet and new media, including e-commerce, the latest gadgets and games, and snooping and surveillance. 

Omega Presents (Wisdom Media)
Check the website for details.
Take a virtual retreat with this series of programs from the renowned Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, New York. This remarkable and enlightening series includes programs such as "Healing the Whole Self" with Joan Halifax, "How to Find True Intimacy," "A Passion for the Possible" with Jean Houston, and "Life as Reality" with Chan Khong Cao.

Conscious Radio

The Gary Null Show 
Sunday evenings; check the website for details.
If it concerns your health, happiness or freedom, author, health guru, and radio show host Gary Null will help you find answers. Listen in Sunday evenings, 8 to 9 p.m., on Infinity Broadcasting affiliate WNEW-FM (102.7) in New York, and from 9 to 11 p.m. on the Talk Radio Network, broadcast over 90 stations nationwide, or listen on the Web at

Earthsongs (AIROS) 
Check the website for details.
Earthsongs is a weekly hour-long music program distributed by American Indian Radio on Satellite on contemporary music by Native artists such as Robbie Robertson, Indigenous, Bill Miller, Murray Porter, Joanne Shenandoah, Robert Mirabal, and Buffy Sainte-Marie. Plus you?ll receive the Native Word of the Day.

Sound & Spirit: "Psalms"
Week of June 23, 2002; check the website for details.
Hosted by Ellen Kushner, Sound & Spirit is a weekly series of hour-long radio programs exploring the human spirit through music and ideas. During the week of June 23, hear how the Psalms have inspired us through the ages -- from the chanting of monks and cantors, to Mozart and Vivaldi, to the contemporary singer-songwriters of Africa and the Americas.

Conscious Internet
You are not alone. provides information about how you can use the power of your money as an investor, consumer, and businessperson to improve social and economic conditions throughout the world.
For socially and environmentally conscious investing and business information, check out this invaluable website. 

American Express Financial Services
Check out their online questionnaire to determine your appetite for financial risk.

News from Paraview 

Paraview continues to grow with the addition of new Paraview Literary Agency clients and Paraview Press books. Visit us at for details!

Coming Next Month: Flowers that Heal 
Take a sneak peek at our forthcoming Paraview Press title by renowned nutritionist, herbalist, and aromatherapist Judy Griffin, Ph.D.

Book of the Month: Secrets of the Ancient Incas 
Magical Blend?s founder Michael Peter Langevin shares his personal journey through Peru and the ancient Incan teachings he discovered.

Feature: The Wealthy Spirit 
Chellie Campbell offers insights on attaining true wealth -- financially and spiritually.

Interview: Investing by the Stars 
Financial astrologer Henry Weingarten explains how planetary cycles affect the business cycle.

See you next month!

If you miss anything described above that you wanted to see or hear, more information about the media providers, programming, and air times is always available through links at our Conscious TV and Conscious Radio index pages.

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