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June 2003

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Conscious Planet: Our New Monthly Media Guide

Welcome back!

Summer is almost here, yet we're not taking a vacation. With changes in media ownership regulations on the horizon, it's vitally important that independent publishers continue to promote authors whose work is intriguing yet often overlooked by the mainstream.

One such book is our latest Paraview Special Editions title, The Third Level of Reality: A Unified Theory of the Paranormal by Percy Seymour. Seymour, an astrophysicist, provides a unique look at our concepts of space and time. In doing so, he explains phenomena that are usually classified as paranormal, such as the human aura, apparitions, and clairvoyance. Colin Wilson, who wrote the new foreword to the book, called it a ?masterpiece.?

I think you'll agree.

Until next month --

Alexander M. Dake

Transforming the World -- One Book at a Time

Conscious TV

Bloodlines: Technology Hits Home (PBS)
Tuesday, June 10
Check website for schedule.
This one-hour program narrated by Andre Braugher reveals how new technologies are raising ethical, legal, and social dilemmas surrounding health and our own humanity. Complicating maters even further is the money that's at stake and the lack of oversight and regulation. 

Emergency Vets (Animal Planet)
Weekdays 1-2 p.m. and 5-6 p.m.
Emergency Vets is like E.R. for pets -- must-see TV for animal lovers. Cases include a kitty with a pounding headache, a turtle with a hole in its shell, and a dog that survived a car accident. 

Conscious Radio

Loren Coleman Interviews
Cryptozoologist Loren Coleman, author of Paraview Pocket Books' Bigfoot!, has generated lots of interest in this misunderstood creature. He was featured on the Michael Medved show. Coleman was also featured on the Hilly Rose show; the hour-long interview will be found on the site as program #285. In addition, check out his interview in the Portland Phoenix titled "International Man of Mystery."

Carolyn Craft's Inner WISDOM? (Wisdom? Radio)
Check website for schedule.
This fascinating talk show explores spiritual, emotional, physical, and environmental well-being. Paraview Literary Agency client Chellie Campbell recently took part in a call-in segment on a spiritual approach to creating wealth. 

Conscious Internet

The Combat Diaries
Colin Bennett, author of the Paraview Press title Looking for Orthon has just launched his own website devoted to controversial knowledge. 

Move On
Move On has tackled some tough political issues, including the recent war in Iraq and the FCC's media consolidation rules. Review their site and then make your move.

Conscious Life

Jewel 0304
Paraview Literary Agency client Jewel's latest CD finds her charting a new course for the future. She explores new sounds, but her exceptional voice and songwriting ability remain the same. 

?What Fighting About Money Will Cost You?
Good Housekeeping
Paraview Literary Agency client Chellie Campbell, author of The Wealthy Spirit, is featured in the June issue of Good Housekeeping. Look for this article by Lisa Goff.

Marie D. Jones Articles
Paraview Press author Marie D. Jones was interviewed for the North County Times regarding her recently published Looking for God in All the Wrong Places. Her book examines how we can find the divine in the most common, everyday places. You'll also find her article ?Do You Validate? in Inner Self Magazine

Nick Redfern Interview
Redfern co-authored the Paraview Pocket Book Strange Secrets with Andy Roberts and he's getting a lot of attention. In this interview with Steam Shovel Press, Redfern talks about official government files on crop circles, "dowsing detectives," and Foo Fighters.


New at Paraview in June

New Book: The Third Level of Reality
Astrophysicist Percy Seymour explores a level of reality in the latest Paraview Special Editions release -- the dimension that can explain phenomena such as the human aura, apparitions, telepathy, clairvoyance, and our ability to look into the future. 

See you next month!

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