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March 2003

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Welcome back! If the consequences were not so potentially dangerous, the ongoing debates about Iraq would be almost laughable. Instead of focusing on solving the issues at hand, discussions are turning out to be shouting matches among longtime Western allies. According to recent Fox News polls among the American population, Great Britain, Israel, and Turkey are considered to be better friends than Germany, France, and Saudi Arabia. France is now perceived as hardly a better friend than Syria. If Saddam Hussein had planned this falling out among allies, he could not have done a better job. Whether the French are to blame or the Bush administration is a question for debate. In either case, both presidents are following unconsciously their respective caricatures: the Texan cowboy shooting from the hip vs. shrewd Parisian arrogance.

Instead of wasting people?s lives and billions in dollars and damages, why not combine smart diplomacy with real intelligence? An example of the latter is given by Lyn Buchanan, author of The Seventh Sense, in his tale of remote viewing. This book, which came out last month, is drawing more and more attention. During the Gulf War, Buchanan?s task was to read Saddam?s mind. This is what Buchanan said about Saddam: ?He is absolutely what I would call a totally crazy man. His craziness, though, does not take the form of irrationality or erratic behavior. It stems from a delusional conviction on his part that God wants him to rule the world.? Using Buchanan?s skills would be more effective than what the CIA and other agencies have shown so far, let alone watching Saddam in his interview with CBS?s Dan Rather.

We have received many questions about this book over the last few weeks, and let me respond to some of them: yes, The Seventh Sense is published by Paraview jointly with Pocket Books; no, it is not a book published on demand; and, yes, it is available in bookstores around the country. So, please go to your bookstore and buy a copy.

Speaking of the problems in the world and with our current world leaders, our latest title, We?re Global Citizens by Steffi Sch?ze, is a wonderful collection of interviews with students from around the world who came to New York to live and study. Their life stories show the richness of diversity and different cultures, as well as the similarities we have with fellow human beings, whether they are Israeli, Bosnian, Taiwanese, or American. This is a must-read for the political leaders responsible for our current predicament. It is also a sign of hope that these young students may one day become leaders in their own right.

I also would like to highlight herbalist and nutritionist Judy Griffin, author of Paraview Press? Flowers that Heal. She will be speaking at venues in New York this month. If you happen to be in the area, please check out her speaking engagements in our Media Guide and learn from Griffin about creating hormonal balance naturally and the healing power of flowers. 

Alexander M. Dake

Transforming the World -- One Book at a Time

Conscious TV

NOW with Bill Moyers (PBS)
Check the website for a full schedule.
We?ve praised this program before, but we?ll praise it again. Instead of creating another cookie-cutter, empty-headed newsmagazine, Bill Moyers? NOW has raised the bar with its consistently high-quality programs. Recent segments include a look at civil liberties during wartime, neglected news stories, and Seymour Hersh on Pakistan.

Spaceship Earth (Wisdom ?)
Wednesdays at 10:30 p.m. ET
Check the website for a full schedule.
This series focuses on men and women who actively work for the improvement of the planet earth, whether it?s combating pollution in rivers, disease in forests, or harm to animals. Upcoming episodes include ?The Coral Dance? (March 5), ?The Rediscovery of Industrial Hemp? (March 19), and ?Rooms for Improvement? (March 26). 

Page to Screen (Bravo)
Mondays at 8 p.m. and 11 p.m. ET
Check the website for a full schedule.
When you?re writing your book, you may also be working on a blockbuster movie. In this series hosted by Peter Gallagher, you?ll learn how acclaimed novels (such as The English Patient, Get Shorty, and The Lord of the Rings) were transformed into big-screen films. 

Conscious Radio

Confronting Iraq: Disarming Saddam Hussein (NPR)
The world?s engagement with Iraq seems to change by the hour. Fortunately, NPR has collected its reporting on the Iraq confrontation for Internet users. Check out recent updates, the Iraq timeline, an online discussion, and links to resources on the web. 

The Thistle & Shamrock ? (NPR)
Check the website for schedule and stations.
It?s impossible to celebrate St. Patrick?s Day without music. So check out this weekly program, in which Fiona Ritchie explores one of the richest musical traditions on the planet -- Celtic music. Ritchie weaves together traditional and contemporary versions of jigs, reels, ballads, and laments and discusses them with today?s leading artists and musicians. 

Conscious Internet

You learned all about Lyn Buchanan?s psychic spy experiences in his Paraview Pocket Book The Seventh Sense. But Buchanan also trains and studies controlled remote viewers via his New Mexico-based company P>S>I.

The Lama Sing Readings
Al Miner, who has channeled Lama Sing for 30 years, collected his readings in the Paraview Press book In Realms Beyond. His website contains a library of new readings on ancient and current events, and also provides a means to interact with each other via the prayer group The Watch. 

School of the Seasons
Spring is almost here! Check out the School of the Seasons? explanation of the Vernal Equinox, which occurs on March 20, and celebrate it the traditional way. Then look through the site?s calendar of holidays, articles on seasonal crafts and foods, and information on its correspondence course. 

Conscious Life

Judy Griffin, Ph.D.
New York Workshops: March 27-28, 2003
Judy Griffin, a nutritional chemist and author of Paraview Press? Flowers that Heal, will be speaking in New York on the benefits of flower-based healing methods. On Thursday, March 27, Judy will explore ?The Healing Power of Flowers? at the Olive Leaf Wholeness Center. On Friday, March 28, she?ll speak on ?Creating Hormonal Balance Through Nutrition, Herbs, Aromatherapy, and Flower Essences? at the New York Open Center.

Loren Coleman Comments on the Mad Gasser
Who or what sprayed a foul-smelling gas into the windows of Mattoon, Illinois, residents in 1944? Loren Coleman, author of Paraview Press? Mysterious America, was recently interviewed by the local newspaper for clues. "I can't really say I know what caused it, other than to say that many of these ordinary people had very extraordinary encounters," Coleman said.

International Astrology Day Gathering
Friday, March 21, 7-9 p.m.
Source of Life Center, New York City
Celebrate International Astrology Day with the New York chapter of NCGR. The featured speaker is Vanity Fair?s astrologer Michael Lutin, who will discuss ?How to Float on a Tidal Wave: The Transit of Uranus in Pisces.? Proceeds benefit AFAN and NCGR. 

Five Masters of Meditation: An Interfaith Experience
42-minute video, $24.95
Sponsored by the Hartley Film Foundation, The Temple of Understanding, and the Tibet Center, this video provides a discussion of the importance of meditation as well as some practical tips. Experts include a Christian monk, a Buddhist nun, a Rabbi, a Sufi Muslim meditation teacher, and a Hindu yoga master. 


New at Paraview in March

This month?s website offerings introduce you to new authors, new ideas, and new publishing strategies. 

We?re Global Citizens: New Book! 
International House enables graduate students and interns from around the world to live together in a supportive residential community in New York. For the latest Paraview Special Editions title, Steffi Sch?ze collected candid interviews with these ?global citizens.? 

The Seventh Sense: New Book!
The world?s attention is focused on Iraq. But few know as much about of Saddam Hussein as Lyn Buchanan, author of The Seventh Sense. Buchanan was a psychic spy for the U.S. government during the Gulf War. 

How To Get Published: Tips
Check out our Author Services section, where we explain how you can get published by Paraview. Then get started on your proposal -- the first step toward making your dream a reality. 

The Best Way to be Spiritual: Feature Article
In this article, Paraview Literary Agency clients The Spiritual Chicks explain the ?One Life Principle? and how to put it to work in your own unique life. 

See you next month!

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