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March 2004

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Conscious Planet: Our Monthly Media Guide

This month, we?d like to introduce you to one of our authors and his favorite ?conscious media? offerings --

If the truth is out there, then Nick Redfern will find it. This bestselling UFO and paranormal expert is the author of the just-released Three Men Seeking Monsters. This isn?t an ordinary book on the unexplained -- it?s an adventure story about three guys who rush head-first into the bizarre. Redfern is also the author of Paraview Pocket Books? Strange Secrets: Real Government Files on the Unknown and the forthcoming A Covert Agenda, which Paraview Special Editions will publish for the first time in the U.S. This month, Redfern offers some media suggestions for those who love to wrap their minds around a good mystery.


Right now I'm delving back into the books that really got me interested in the unexplained back in the late 1970s as a teenager, particularly the work of John Keel and his book The Mothman Prophecies, and the books of Gray Barker, such as They Knew Too Much About Flying Saucers. Keel?s and Barker's books are dominated by great story telling and they always weave tales of intrigue and imagination and grab the reader's attention.
A friend of mine in England, Matthew Williams, has put together an amazing DVD called Circle Makers that explores the man-made aspect of crop circles, but it also demonstrates how even the man-made formations appear to attract paranormal activity. Matthew's work raises a lot of issues about the nature of -- and our perceptions of -- reality and the environment around us. It is available from Matthew at 3 Bourton Lane, Bishops-Cannings, Devizes, SN10 2LH, England.

I've always enjoyed listening to the Jeff Rense program, mainly because of the sheer diversity of guests that appear and the range of subjects that are covered, including everything from cryptozoology to UFOs, life-after-death, and conspiracy theories.
Probably my favorite website on the unexplained is that of Jon Downes' British-based Center for Fortean Zoology. Jon is a very good friend of mine and I like the fact that he and his team actually get out into the field and do solid research. They?re passionate and enthusiastic in their efforts to investigate mystery animals such as lake monsters, sea serpents, and Bigfoot. In the last few years they have launched expeditions to Puerto Rico in search of vampires; to Thailand in search of giant snakes; and to Sumatra in search of a mystery ape known as the Orang-Pendek. They have a whole bunch of additional plans scheduled for 2004 and 2005.

Fortean Times would have to rank highly. It's informative, quirky, and amusing, and is probably the best print-format resource tool for the latest news on all things unexplained. My research into a controversial UFO crash story of 1948, "The Aztec Affair," will appear in issue no. 181.

I'm lecturing for the Dallas Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) on March 13 on my upcoming book A Covert Agenda, which Paraview will release for the first time in the States. I'll also be speaking at the annual UFO Conference of MUFON on the weekend of July 16-18. Chester Moore's Cryptozoology Conference is always good, and the next will be on June 26, and I'll be there.

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