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November 2002

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What a month! People could not go shopping in the Washington, D.C., area without the risk of being shot at; Muscovites visiting a popular play either barely survived the terror of Chechens or were killed by their own government?s gas; tourists at a nightclub in paradise-like Bali got massacred. In the meantime, the tension about a war against Iraq is still looming over our future and the threat of Al Qaeda terrorism in the U.S. has not disappeared. On top of this, we are facing one of the most important and exciting midterm elections in decades.

Is there any connection between these events? Maybe -- not always directly, but surely indirectly. For this month?s website, I interviewed a man whose life mission is to look at the big picture and advocate systems change in order to live in a better world. He is Paul Ray, the well-known market research guru who coined the term ?cultural creatives,? which describes the 50 million Americans who are leading the change in our modern culture. He is currently researching trends in U.S. politics, and describes how the usual Democratic vs. Republican distinction is no longer an accurate reflection of the American electorate. He also describes how 14 percent of the population controls 80 percent of the money flowing into politics. If the political system does not change, he foresees more crises. This alarmist scenario is echoed by someone who hardly can be called an activist: former CBS anchor Walter Cronkite said in a recent speech that the country is at a very critical point in its history. We are facing not only the threat of starting a war, but also the fact that the U.S. is no longer a democracy but an oligarchy, according to Cronkite. I suggest everyone also read the article ?The Greatest Country in the World?? in which Dr. Ian Mayo-Smith investigates the best and worst of the American character.

Besides pondering the big picture, it is equally important to spend some time reading and relaxing. Paraview Press? latest book, Sonic Thread by Cynthia Snodgrass, illustrates the life lessons she?s learned by studying sound. With exercises that help us use sound and music to deepen our spirituality, it is a great gift for the holiday season. Another book I would like to highlight is one of Paraview?s bestsellers: Trauma Room One: The JFK Medical Coverup Exposed. As we are approaching the 39th anniversary of JFK?s death on November 22, this book continues to startle readers with scientific details about the JFK assassination.

There is much more to read about on our site this month and in our media guide with some interesting new media sources. (If you're a Paraview author or client, let us know about your upcoming activities for the Conscious Life portion of our newsletter.) Have a look around, and do not forget the big picture when casting your vote.

Alexander M. Dake

Lux Mentis, Lux Orbis
Light of the Mind, Light of the World

Conscious TV

In Search Of (Sci Fi)
Fridays, 10 p.m. and midnight ET
This classic series is back -- presented in a magazine-type format and hosted by The X-Files? Mitch Pileggi. November episodes include ?Bigfoot,? ?Alien Intelligence,? ?Doomsday Scenarios,? ?Demonic Possession,? and ?The Shroud of Turin.?

Young Dr. Freud (PBS)
Wednesday, November 27
Check local listings for time.
We?re undoubtedly influenced by the man, but who and what influenced him? This two-part film by David Grubin sheds light on Sigmund Freud?s early life, before the publication of The Interpretation of Dreams and the formulation of the theories and vocabulary of psychoanalysis.

WISDOM? of Dreams (Wisdom? )
Check website for dates and times.
Get inspired this Thanksgiving! Martin Luther King III hosts this series about remarkable people who have make their personal dreams come true. Programs include a look at remarkable elders in ?Living Treasures? (Nov. 25 and 26) and how Thomas Rollerson fulfills the wishes of terminally ill adults in ?Dream Foundation? (Nov. 27 and 28).

Conscious Radio

Yiddish Radio Project (NPR)
New recordings online on Tuesdays.
Back by popular demand! The recent 10-part ?Yiddish Radio Project? series from NPR and continues online with a 26-week festival of Yiddish radio. Every Tuesday, ?Gems for the Yiddish Radio Archive? features another classic recording from the Yiddish radio vaults -- presented it in its entirety, with simultaneous English text translations.

Marketplace (MPR/PRI)
Check the website for dates and times.
You can?t afford to be uninformed about money. Listen to Marketplace with David Brancaccio, a high-quality program that covers everything you?ll need to know about money, economics, and business.

Conscious Internet

The Schwartz Report
This site provides a daily news service about matters ranging from social policy, medicine, and healing to creativity.

Common Dreams
Common Dreams offers breaking news and views for the progressive community. It currently features a thought-provoking article by Harvey Wasserman, ?The Imminent Death of American Democracy.?

Reporters Without Borders
Reporters Without Borders is an association restoring the right to press freedom. Check out the site?s current highlight: the first worldwide press freedom index.

Conscious Life

Walking In This World
Julia Cameron
New York Open Center
Saturday, November 23, 2002
10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Call 212-219-2527 for location, price, and registration info.
Ready for a breakthrough? Julia Cameron (The Artist?s Way) has helped millions of people uncover -- or recover -- their creativity. In this one-day workshop in New York City, she teaches a practical and innovative selection of techniques to deepen, expand, and clarify your creativity.

Stone Soup
Got a budding writer or artist in the house? Then check out Stone Soup, the magazine that?s by kids and for kids. You may be living with a published writer or artist soon.

Only Time: The Collection
This four-disc boxed set collects the best of this inventive Irish artist whose long, multi-platinum career has surprised many but inspired even more.


New at Paraview in November

Our November site is loaded with thought-provoking articles and inventive holiday gifts. Highlights include:

Paul H. Ray: Interview
Market research guru Paul Ray identified the 50 million Americans he calls the ?cultural creatives.? Alex Dake interviews Ray about their impact on politics, business, and our collective future.

Sonic Thread: Book Excerpt
In the newest title from Paraview Press, The Sonic Thread, Cynthia Snodgrass illustrates the life lessons she?s learned by studying sound and its fascinating spiritual aspects.

Trauma Room One: Book Excerpt
Re-examine the evidence. In November 1963, the doctors who tried to save President Kennedy agreed not to publish what they had witnessed. But Dr. Charles Crenshaw, a surgeon in Trauma Room One, reveals the truth in this Paraview Press release.

Lexa Rosean: Client of the Month
In the just-released Zodiac Spells, Paraview Literary Agency client Lexa Rosean blends Wicca and astrology so readers can maximize and personalize their spells according to their horoscope or the day of the week.

The Print-on-Demand Controversy: Opinion
According to the New York Times, the print-on-demand revolution will create more writers, but not more readers. Alex Dake disagrees and defends our innovative ability to publish quality books for discerning readers.

The Greatest Country in the World?: Article
Americans are constantly being told that ours is the greatest country in the world. To question American supremacy is sometimes regarded as unpatriotic, almost traitorous. Dr. Ian Mayo-Smith investigates the best and worst of the American character.

See you next month!

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