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November 2003

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Conscious Planet: Our Monthly Media Guide

Welcome back! Because of all the good news we are offering this month, I?ll keep it short and sweet.

Paraview is releasing some exciting new books this month. First and foremost is
Men in Black Dresses by Middle Eastern historian Yvonne Seng. The timing of this book could hardly be better. While the Middle East is in its deepest crisis of modern times, one of the most important issues facing American society is how people of all faiths can engage with one another to shape a positive future -- how people of different religious and cultural beliefs can live harmoniously, and even more importantly, work together to respond to the big questions facing all of us on this planet, from the environment and technology to issues of war and peace. This book has already received high praise from biologist and social activist Jane Goodall, who said that she could not put down this ?extraordinary book.?

On November 22, we will be remembering JFK?s assassination with a unique book,
The Prankster and the Conspiracy, a biography of the 1960s counterculture figure Kerry Thornley, who knew many interesting figures, including Lee Harvey Oswald, with whom he served in the Marines. Robert Anton Wilson writes in his foreword to this book that despite the craziness of Thornley, ?He understood the government of this country better than 99 percent of its citizens.? Prankster is a compelling read for those who want to understand the 60s counterculture and to read a different take on the JFK conspiracy. (And for more information about JFK?s assassination, don?t forget to check out our classic Trauma Room One, too.)

We also present a fascinating book for the fans of the world?s remaining undiscovered animals:
The Beasts that Hide from Man
, by renowned British cryptoozologist Karl Shuker. Decide for yourself whether these creatures are fact or fiction!

Whether you are a Paraview author or an aspiring Paraview author, I am sure you are interested to hear about our exciting cooperation with publicity firm Livingston Communications. They have a holistic approach in dealing with writers and will be offering customized publicity campaigns to Paraview authors. With Livingston?s help we look forward to seeing and hearing more about our authors in the media.

As usual we have some very interesting and enlightening conscious media offerings: websites, radio, and TV programs. Speaking of radio programs, some amazing news has reached me and those of us who listen to National Public Radio: Joan Kroc, the late widow of the founder of McDonald?s, has bequeathed ?the largest monetary gift ever received by an American cultural institution? to NPR: $200 million! An impressive example of individual support for public media.

Last but not least, if you represent or know of likeminded websites that you would like to link to Paraview?s website, please use our special Submit Your Link form. We look forward to hearing from you.

Until next month --

Alexander M. Dake

Transforming the World -- One Book at a Time

Conscious TV
Frontline: Who Was Lee Harvey Oswald? (PBS)
Thursday, November 20
Frontline marks the 40th anniversary of John F. Kennedy?s assassination with a special encore presentation of this three-hour documentary. Paraview?s new book, The Prankster and the Conspiracy, and our classic Trauma Room One provide more insights into this tragic event.

Sabretooth (SCI FI)
Saturday, November 15, 7 p.m. ET/PT
If Paraview?s cryptozoology books such as The Beasts that Hide from Man got you interested in strange creatures, check out this SCI FI original production about a killer cat and endangered campers.

Extreme History with Roger Daltrey (History Channel)
Check website for schedule
Each week The Who?s Roger Daltrey discovers historical means of survival. Watch the rock star build a fire, create his own tools, and more!

Conscious Radio
Native America Calling (AIROS)
Check website for stations, online audio, and archives.
In honor of American Indian Heritage month, check out this live call-in show devoted to issues of concern to Native communities. And don?t forget about Paraview Press? Native Heart, Gabriel Horn?s autobiographical novel.

Is Western Democracy Good for the World? (BBC/NPR)
Saturday, November 8, 1800 GMT/1 p.m. ET
Join this global call-in show, a collaboration between BBC News Online, BBC World Service Radio, and American NPR stations. The topic is democracy. Tune in and listen to this historic broadcast.

SkyTour (WHYY)
Check website for schedule.
When you?re in the Philadelphia area, put on your headphones and head outside for this radio tour of the heavens. If you?re listening online, you?ll get lots of information, too, including facts about the total eclipse of the moon on November 8.

Conscious Internet
Journal of Industrial Ecology
?E-commerce and the Environment: Good News or Bad??
The Journal of Industrial Ecology has recently published a special issue on E-commerce, the Internet, and the environment, an interesting read for those who want to understand how the Internet influences the environment. The entire special issue is available on the web.

Sacred Centers
Anodea Judith is changing the world one chakra at a time. Check out her site for books, CDs, chakra prayer flags, and her ?Ask Anodea? column.

Friends of the Institute of Noetic Sciences (FIONS)
This not-for-profit organization explores and publicizes the myriad of ways ?consciousness? governs every aspect of life. They bring together science and spirit through exploration, dialogue, and practice, and sponsor workshops, discussion groups, film screenings, and more.

The magazine of culture, creativity, and change offers a number of special features on its website, such as The Millennium Project, a video tribute to Edward Said, and its Discourse and Dissent forum.

Conscious Life
Tell Us the Truth Tour
Billy Bragg, Lester Chambers, Steve Earle, and the Nightwatchman headline this music/education tour aiming to highlight issues of media reform, economic and environmental justice, and democracy.

San Francisco Green Festival
November 8 & 9, 2003
The Green Festival brings together green enterprises, environmental groups, leading thinkers on the green economy, and thousands of attendees for a two-day party with a very serious objective: strengthening the locally controlled, green economy and expanding popular support for policies aimed at sustainability and social justice.

5th Annual Triple Bottom Line Conference
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
November 6 & 7, 2003
The largest international learning event concerning sustainable investment takes place in Amsterdam. CNBC will broadcast the proceedings live; topics include shareholder activism, faith and finance, and socially responsible investing.


New at Paraview in November

Our authors and clients are experts in everything from ancient wisdom to cryptozoology. Check out their work on our website.

New Book:
Men in Black Dresses
Yvonne Seng will take you behind the walls of desert monasteries, Sufi enclaves, ancient cathedrals, and mosques -- where wise men discuss universal concerns as well as the state of the human spirit.

JFK Remembered
Paraview Press notes JFK?s assassination with a new bio of the counterculture figure Kerry Thornley,
The Prankster and the Conspiracy, and our classic Trauma Room One, a look at what really happened in that Dallas emergency room on November 22, 1963.

New Book:
The Beasts that Hide from Man

Fact or fiction? Cryptozoologist Karl Shuker has collected evidence of mysterious creatures such as a worm that electrocutes its victims, hairy reptiles, furry fish, and living unicorns.

Publicity Help
Paraview is now offering our authors customized publicity campaigns developed in cooperation with Livingston Communications, Inc.

Featured Client: Stacey Wolf
Paraview Literary Agency client Stacey Wolf is one of the youngest professionally recognized psychic and spiritual counselors in America. Her books are entertaining and highly effective.

PR Tip of the Month
You can generate more publicity, sell more books, and become more profitable if you follow marketing expert Brian Jud?s simple techniques for writing press releases. Rule #1: Don?t write about your book.

Submit a Link
If your website reaches those interested in Paraview?s offerings, submit your link!

See you next month!

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