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October 2002

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Paraview Presents:
Conscious Planet: Our New Monthly Media Guide

As the leaves are turning red and yellow, many things are happening at Paraview. In addition to our current publishing-on-demand activities, which are uniquely placed to publish books for niche audiences, Paraview will add a new imprint, Paraview Pocket Books, jointly with Simon & Schuster. This imprint will offer our authors another platform through which they can reach larger audiences in the U.S. and abroad. Have a look at my interview with Sandra Martin, who will be the co-publisher of this new imprint and will combine that role with her activities at Wisdom Media. In the interview, she explains how spreading information about consciousness and spirituality has been her life’s mission and how dreams have helped her along the way.

Take a look as well at Paraview Press’ latest book, Flowers That Heal by Judy Griffin, an aromatherapist of wide acclaim. We’re also highlighting the newly published book The Spiritual Chicks Question Everything by our agency clients Tami Coyne and Karen Weissman. Their focus in life is universal goodness and authenticity, but with a hip, edgy perspective.

If after reading about all these books, authors, and publishing activities, you get excited and want to start writing a book yourself, we have some further information on how you can get published by Paraview. If you are an expert in your field, have a manuscript or an out-of-print book, or know of any interesting out-of-print books, please let us know and we will see whether it is something we can publish.

We have also reserved space for people with an important message: Michael Sklaar of World Exchange is such an individual. In his article, Sklaar explains why children are the key to creating lasting world peace. In these days filled with war threats and pessimism, his ideas are increasingly important.

Finally, I want to draw your attention to our streamlined website. Have a look and let us know what you think or what else you would like to see. I’d like to thank our web master, Rick Berger of Innovative Software Design, and our web editor Lisa Kaiser for the great job they have done.

Don’t forget to check our media guide, and as usual send us your suggestions, ideas, and questions.

Alexander M. Dake

Lux Mentis, Lux Orbis
Light of the Mind, Light of the World

Conscious TV

“Galileo's Battle for the Heavens” (WGBH/PBS)
Tuesday, October 29 at 8 p.m.
Fans of Dava Sobel’s Galileo’s Daughter, mark your calendars. This two-hour NOVA special brings the best-seller to life. Simon Callow portrays Galileo, whose closest confidant was his illegitimate daughter, a cloistered nun. Highlights of Galileo’s remarkable life are reenacted, from his planetary observations to his trial for heresy. The website is loaded with great information, too.

RAM DASS LIVE! Heart-to-Heart (Oasis TV)
Check the website for availability.
Oasis TV recently launched on RealOne, a video-on-demand platform offering an online mix of cable network programming from such services as CNN, E!, ABC News -- and now Oasis TV. To kick off Oasis TV on RealOne, explore the mysteries of Eastern spirituality with teacher and modern-day mystic Ram Dass.

Viewpoint with James Zogby (WorldLink TV)
Fridays at 5:00 PM ET/2:00 PM PT
This live call-in discussion program about Middle East and world issues is hosted by Arab American Institute President Dr. James Zogby from Washington, D.C, and broadcast throughout the Middle East by Abu Dhabi Television. U.S. viewers may call 1-800-528-2090 with their questions or comments during the program.

Healthy Living
Check the website for schedule and videos.
Hosted by Jane Seymour, Healthy Living is dedicated to exploring the advancements of natural health, integrative medicine, and self-discovery. Topics include Ayurvedic medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, aromatherapy, the power of prayer, and pain control. This weekly program premiers on PBS in local markets nationwide and in domestic and foreign distribution. Episodes can also be purchased as videos via the site.

Conscious Radio

Native America Calling (AIROS/NPR)
Weekdays at 1 p.m. ET
Check the website for stations.
Native America Calling, a live call-in show, is the AIROS flagship program and covers a wide range of topics that affect Native American communities. It recently covered the National Summit on Emerging Tribal Economies in Phoenix; tapes and program descriptions are available on the site.

This American Life (WBEZ/PRI)
Check the website for stations and schedule.
There’s a reason why Ira Glass’ quirky, insightful program is so popular. Glass and his fellow contributors provide a fresh take on compelling topics: confronting scam artists in “Suckers,” young people in Poland who find everything Jewish to be hip, and, on October 4, they offer some reports from “The Missing Parents Bureau.”

Animal Planet Radio
Check the website for stations and schedule.
Steve Dale hosts this one-hour program on all things furry or feathered. Recent topics include the health of rescue dogs, with a special look at the rescue dogs of 9/11, and what you need to know about the West Nile virus.

Conscious Internet

If Flowers that Heal piqued your curiosity, check out this online herbal database provided by the Alternative Medicine Foundation, Inc.

State of the World Forum
While the nightly news may focus on the world’s despair, this organization is committed to searching for solutions to critical global concerns.

Conscious Life

Seventh Annual Boston Vegetarian Food Festival
Saturday, October 19, 2002
10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Reggie Lewis Athletic Center
1350 Tremont St., Boston
Enjoy the harvest at the Boston Vegetarian Food Festival. With free admission, free food samples, and free parking, you’re free to enjoy all the festival offers: grocery and natural food store exhibits, educational exhibits, cooking demonstrations, national speakers, children’s activities, and discount shopping. And did we mention free food samples?

Utne Reader
This perennial favorite on the magazine rack offers much more online: articles, Caf?Utne discussion, a job database, and an Emotional Intelligence calculator. The current issue includes articles on young visionaries, holistic pet care, subversive TV characters, and alternative energy sources.

Peter Gabriel

Is Up worth the wait? After seven years of writing and recording, Peter Gabriel’s latest CD dares to challenge our senses. Download a few sample tracks and get lost in his universe.


New at Paraview in October

Take a tour of our updated site, which features a new look and lots of new information. Highlights include:

Paraview Pocket Books Creation: News
We are pleased to announce our newest imprint, Paraview Pocket Books, a joint venture with Pocket Books/Simon & Schuster. Paraview Pocket Books will launch in Spring 2003 and target a rapidly increasing audience interested in body, mind, and spirit and the frontiers of science and culture.

Sandra Martin: Interview
While Paraview’s founder has changed her connection to Paraview, it has not diminished her role. In this interview with Alex Dake, she discusses her fascinating career path that led from following her dreams as a TV producer to becoming co-publisher of Paraview Pocket Books.

Flowers that Heal: Book Excerpt
In the newest Paraview Press release, noted teacher, herbalist, and aromatherapist Judy Griffin, Ph.D., invites you to step into the Land of Thyme, where fairies use flowers and plants for healing and general well-being.

The Spiritual Chicks: Clients of the Month
Who says you’ve got to be a saint to be spiritual? In the new release Spiritual Chicks Question Everything, Paraview Literary Agency clients Tami Coyne and Karen Weissman share their no-holds-barred quest to know, feel, and apply universal goodness and authenticity to life.

How To Get Published With Paraview: Tip of the Month
Have you written a book or do you have an out-of-print book you want to get republished? Paraview Publishing can help. We’re looking for insightful, inventive manuscripts from authors who are experts in their field.

World Peace Through Our Children: Feature of the Month
Michael Sklaar of World Exchange explains why children are the key to creating lasting world peace and how the New World Project, a visionary world peace initiative emanating from Putnam Valley, New York, is involved in making this transformation happen.

See you next month!

If you miss anything described above that you wanted to see or hear, more information about the media providers, programming, and air times is always available through links at our Conscious TV and Conscious Radio index pages.

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