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October 2003

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Conscious Planet: Our Monthly Media Guide

Welcome back! We are entering the last quarter of a year that seems to be moving faster and faster, as if summer never really took off. As people have returned from the beaches, mountains, and summer places, the autumn provides the opportunity to face some more serious issues. These issues need attention, whether it?s the ongoing uncertainty in Iraq or the never-ending corporate scandals -- the New York Stock Exchange?s chairman?s departure is the latest chapter in a sordid tale -- or the CIA leak and its impact on the White House. We?re also faced with the looming election of another pre-packaged and pre-sold ?politician? in the shape of bodybuilding Arnold. It seems to be a dark sign of the times that a profession that used to be honorable and important in many of history?s great civilizations cannot generate any leaders who are elected based on vision, merit, and skills. 

This month, Paraview presents information, articles and books which offer ways of finding one?s vision and creating a different way of dealing with challenges. We feature two articles which both describe crises, but are embedded with a silver lining. The first article, ?Crisis, What Crisis?? by Jurriaan Kamp, co-founder of the magazine Ode, states that our societies are in crisis because of the lack of meaningful work. According to Kamp, in the old days products were made because they were needed. Now, products are made because they have to be sold. This in turn has created in the Western economies a lack of passion and meaning in many people?s work experiences. The current recession may highlight this crisis of meaning, but it also offers the opportunity to start looking for changes and new ways of building individuals? lives and economies, says Kamp.

Paraview is proud to present this article and to announce that Ode?s important message about innovative approaches in society and economy are reaching new readers. Originally only published in Dutch, Ode now has an English version and as of this month it will also be available in selected bookstores throughout the US. Read this article and visit Ode?s website to learn more about their good work.

The second article is by another Paraview author, Eileen Flynn, who analyzes the latest in the ongoing crisis in the Catholic Church. A devout Catholic herself, Flynn offers a critical view of the way the bishops deal with the problems in their institution. She also offers them a way out, so to speak, by suggesting they open the windows of the church and let the sunshine in. In a sense, Flynn?s advice can be applied to many of society?s problems. To paraphrase the American president in his remarkably clarifying manner: you are either for the old ways of leading your life or against the new, innovative, and sometimes challenging opportunities. Was that what you meant, Mr. President?

Also, this month, Paraview presents two new visionary books: The Phaselock Code by Roger Hart details how his life-threatening fall off the slopes of the Mount Everest led him on a journey of consciousness, reality, and synchronicity, and created in him an understanding of how we all shape the world with our thoughts. Paraview?s second book, although dealing with the more down-to-earth topic of business, is visionary in its own right. The Power of Insight, by management consultants and authors Ingrid Spronck and Thomas Beerepoot, shows how vision is a must among leaders in business, but also how vision can be learned and transformed into action. It?s an informative and accessible read for business managers and others who want to connect vision with action in their lives.

I invite you to read our articles and books, have a look at this month?s media guide, and choose one or more websites or programs to inspire you. The common theme is indeed that it is upon us to follow our vision, to create the future we want, and to shape our own lives. That, in turn will lessen the crises around us and help our communities, our businesses, and our economies.

Until next month --

Alexander M. Dake

Transforming the World -- One Book at a Time

Conscious TV

Warrior Queen (PBS)
Sunday, October 12
This ExxonMobil Masterpiece Theatre program features a little-known but amazing member of the British royalty: Queen Boudica, who led an uprising against Rome in the first century AD. Alex Kingston stars.

Science of the Deep (Science Channel)
Mondays 9 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. ET/PT
It?s the largest living space on Earth and this reality series dives right in. Learn who the explorers are, what they?re learning, and how they do it.

Ram Dass Rocks (Oasis TV) 
Wednesday, October 15
If you couldn?t catch Ram Dass at the Health & Harmony Arts Festival in northern California this past summer, don?t fret. His insights were captured in this Oasis TV special.

Conscious Radio

The Connection (WBUR/NPR)
Check website for schedule.
This current events program from Boston gives you an in-depth look at the news. Recent features include shows on poverty in America, an interview with Al Franken, Internet spying, and reports from Baghdad.

The Ethicist (NPR)
Check website for schedule.
Columnist Randy Cohen tackles thorny issues great and small during NPR?s All Things Considered. You can find his advice on the NPR website, including how to tell a friend her writing needs revision, eavesdropping on cell phone conversations, and the ethics of dissent during wartime. 

Conscious Internet

Time, Death, and Reality
Roger Hart is the author of Paraview Pocket Books? latest release, The Phaselock Code. On his site, he asks if consciousness is a result of brain activity -- or something more. 
This site offers their Personalized Method for Interpreting Dreams? and other unique resources for discovering your most intimate messages.
The kids are all right. This site encourages kids all over the world to make a difference, use technology to its fullest, and create a sense of leadership and entrepreneurship. 

Conscious Life

Ode Magazine
Paraview author Jurriaan Kamp created this magazine that Body Shop founder Anita Roddick calls ?essential reading.? Articles focus on meaningful work, Paulo Coelho?s take on the creative process, and the philosophy of Europe. The current issue also contains a piece by the Prince of Wales on nature, spirituality, and alienation. 

3rd Annual Texas Bigfoot Conference
Saturday, October 18
Jefferson, Texas
Cryptozoologist Loren Coleman will be speaking and signing books, including his latest Paraview Pocket Books release, Bigfoot!, and his previous Paraview Press titles, Mysterious America and Mothman and Other Curious Encounters

Crash Course in Tarot with Lexa Ros?n
Morgana?s Chamber, New York
Thursday, October 16
Paraview Literary Agency client Lexa Ros?n offers tips on tarot just in time for Halloween. Learn its symbolism and history, two easy layouts, and how to link the cards together to tell a story. Lexa also gives tarot readings every Wednesday and Friday. Call to reserve your spot.

The Matrix Reloaded (Full Screen Edition DVD)
You can own this summer?s big-screen phenomenon as a DVD, which includes special features such as behind-the-scenes info, the anatomy of the freeway chase, the making of its video game, and a whole lot more.


New at Paraview in October

Whether you?re a writer, reader, or just curious, you?ll find plenty of interesting items at

New Book! 
Roger Hart?s life truly began after a horrific fall off the slopes of Mount Everest. The Phaselock Code explores his metaphysical adventures.

New Book! 
Top leaders must have vision. But can these flashes of breakthrough thinking be created in business? Yes, according to The Power of Insight.

Feature: Sensational Headlines Continue
Paraview author Eileen Flynn analyzes the recent murder of John Geoghan in prison. 

Feature: Crisis? What Crisis?
Paraview author Jurriaan Kamp explores our lack of meaningful work in an excerpt from Ode

PR Tip of the Month
Marketing expert Brian Jud offers guidelines for conducting phone interviews that get listeners excited about your book.

See you next month!

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