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September 2003

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Conscious Planet: Our New Monthly Media Guide

Welcome back! Another exciting month is behind us. If you live on the West Coast of the US, I am sure you couldn?t suppress some sense of vindication when seeing that blackouts don?t always occur in California. If you live in Iraq, you probably have a better understanding of why you still lack running water and electricity, and if you live elsewhere around the world, you could wonder just as former Clinton administration energy secretary Bill Richardson did why the strongest superpower still has a Third World electricity grid. 

Whether the US is trying to export its energy technology or its democracy to other countries, it doesn?t seem to have a lot of credibility these days. In the case of democracy, I?m not only referring to the California recall and the laughable candidacy of Arnold Schwarzenegger running for Governator. There are many more things going on in the American political landscape. Recently I heard two very entertaining critics of the US political developments at an event organized by WBAI, a community radio station in New York covering cultural, political, and activist news. First, Jim Hightower presented his new book, Thieves in High Places. In it he criticizes right wing media barons, the power of Republican think tanks, and the downfall of America?s political process. But Hightower doesn?t merely grumble; he convinced the audience (and his readers) to start acting and take responsibility for their own government and their own situation, whether it is in their neighborhood, city, or state. He encouraged everyone to start with something as small as visiting TrueMajority, a web campaign started by Ben Cohen of Ben and Jerry?s fame, whose goal is to build a just and sustainable world. 

The other speaker was Greg Palast, investigative reporter and author of The Best Democracy Money Can Buy, a fascinating account of how Jeb Bush stole the presidential election for his brother George. Palast -- citing the presidential election, 9/11, and the blackout of 2003 -- argued that politics is no longer a level playing field, and voters are either lied to or ignored by big money and big media. 

One encouraging sign is that more people are standing up for a fair democratic process and for the protection of civil liberties. Silicon Valley geeks started, a website trying to bring ordinary people back into politics. It started with a few hundred hits in 1998 and now has reportedly over 1.4 million members.

Paraview too tries to inform and enlighten you even in the unexpectedly dark days of the summer of 2003. We are happy to launch several new eBooks: visit our new eBook page to learn more about these downloadable titles.

We also present the publication of Families and the Interpretation of Dreams, in which author and psychologist Edward Bruce Bynum explores the intimate web of families, dreams, and their hidden but important messages. 

In addition, Paraview was mentioned favorably in a Publishers Weekly article about New Age approaching the middle of the road. Although New Age in my view is too limited a term, I?m glad that what we are publishing is no longer viewed as a subject for a fringe audience.

Paraview also is pleased to present Yasuhiko Genku Kimura of Vision-in-Action, who contributes this month?s guest article, ?Toward a Culture of Responsibility.? He explains that real change can only happen if we as individuals take responsibility for our actions. This isn?t easy to do when hardly anyone takes responsibility -- from governments to business, the media, and the arts -- but it?s necessary for any kind of social movement to succeed.

So, responsibility seems to be a key word this month. I invite everyone to reflect on this and think about what it is that you can change in your own life, work, or home.

Until next month --

Alexander M. Dake

Transforming the World -- One Book at a Time

Conscious TV

The Healing Power of Flowers
55-minute video
$19.95 + S&H
Paraview Press author Judy Griffin explains her battle with Crohn?s disease and her mystical journey into the flower kingdom. She now shares the wisdom of the plant world in this 55-minute video and her Paraview book, Flowers that Heal

Women Priests Now!
GodTalk TV has created three videos on women in the church, Women Priests Now! Video 1 deals with women's ordination; Video 2 explores archaeological evidence of women priests and bishops; Video 3 is titled ?Equals and Partners in Ministry.? Paraview Press? Catholics at a Crossroads is a great companion piece to this series. 

Resident Life (TLC)
Premieres Monday, September 8
9 p.m. ET/PT
Resident Life follows a team of young doctors at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville and how they cope with an extraordinarily demanding lifestyle while handling crises and crucial decisions.

Conscious Radio

American RadioWorks?
ARW, the national documentary unit of Minnesota Public Radio, is public radio's largest documentary production unit; it creates documentaries, series projects, and investigative reports for the public radio system and the Internet. You can find transcripts, audio, and related materials for documentaries such as ?Remembering Jim Crow,? ?Investigating Sierra Leone,? and ?Korea: The Unfinished War? on this site.

Hour of the Wolf (WBAI)
Saturdays 5-7 a.m. ET
Don?t worry if you cant? keep up with the wolves. You can listen to Jim Freund?s sci-fi/fantasy literature program online at your leisure. It features live readings, interesting discussions, and more.

Conscious Internet

Jim Hightower
?America?s #1 populist? is organizing a ?Rolling Thunder Chautauqua Tour? and it?s coming to a space near you. His Web Action Center will link you to other progressives and keep you updated on Hightower?s activities.

Greg Palast
This fearless investigative reporter has taken on the Bush administration?s handling of the 2000 election, the FBI investigation into the links between Saudi Arabia and terrorist funds, and the recent blackout. His blog is required reading.

Founded by Ben Cohen of Ben & Jerry?s fame, this site will send faxes on your behalf to members of congress and national leaders regarding pressing issues. They promise that if you give the site two minutes a month, they?ll give you a better world.
Your Internet connection can increase your political participation and activism. Check out and get involved in issues that demand your attention. 

Conscious Life

VIA: The Journal of New Thinking for New Action
Yashuhiko Genku Kimura contributed an article on responsibility to our site this month, but he?s also chairman and president of Vision-in-Action. Their magazine contains articles on the science of value, the eightfold path to excellence in corporate accountability, space and the hydrogen age, and poetry by Laara Lindo.

Sacred Love
You may as well give in now, because each new Sting CD seems to conquer the universe eventually. This CD finds Sting continuing his adventures with spirituality and world music.

New York Open Center
Broaden your horizons in New York City. You can download the fall 2003 Open Center catalog, find out more about their free introductory courses, or stop by the center during their September 7 open house. 


New at Paraview in September

Our September site is loaded with new information and features. Take your time and explore!

eBooks Return!
eBooks are back! We?ve updated and expanded our list of downloadable titles, which include new releases such as Strange Secrets and classics like Mysterious America.

New Book!
In Paraview Special Editions? Families and the Interpretation of Dreams, Edward Bruce Bynum explores the intimate web of families and dreams, and their hidden but important messages.

Featured Client: Lisa Wingate
In Paraview Literary Agency client Lisa Wingate?s newest novel, Texas Cooking, a big-city reporter is charmed by the residents of tiny San Saline, Texas.

Article: Toward a Culture of Responsibility
We live amid a pandemic of irresponsibility. But according to Yasuhiko Genku Kimura of Vision-in-Action, responsible action alone carries the integrity that brings about real change. 

PR Tip: Get Your Words? Worth
You just landed a TV or radio interview to promote your book. But is it the right show for your message? Marketing expert Brian Jud explains how to turn around an interview that?s not helping you sell your book. 

See you next month!

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