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Paraview Media Guide

April 2005

Paraview Media Guide is a monthly guide to books, magazines, websites, and other media that capture your attention, expand your mind, and transform the world. Leading experts in mind, body, and spirit and the frontiers of science and culture present their media picks. This free newsletter is distributed by subscription only. To subscribe, unsubscribe, or obtain sponsorship information, please see instructions at the end of this newsletter.


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Journalist, radio host, fringe-culture historian, and “natural fence-sitter” Greg Bishop is fascinated by the no-man’s land between wide-eyed belief and closed-minded debunkery, and has been since 1991, when he cofounded the magazine The Excluded Middle, a journal of UFOs, conspiracy research, psychedelia, and new science. Wake Up Down There!: The Excluded Middle Anthology published in 2000, is a collection of articles from the magazine. His latest book, Project Beta: The Story of Paul Bennewitz, National Security, and the Creation of a Modern UFO Myth, details a government disinformation campaign perpetrated against an unsuspecting U.S. citizen, who ended up in an institution, victim of both his delusions and the Air Force’s efforts to stifle his bizarre UFO and alien invasion scenarios.

Bishop’s writing has appeared in numerous periodicals and in the anthologies Zen and the Art of Close Encounters and You Are Being Lied To: The Disinformation Guide to Media Distortion, Historical Whitewashes, and Cultural Myths. His article “Ethnic Weapons for Ethnic Cleansing” was included in the top 20 most underreported stories of 2001 by Project Censored.

The Hungry Ghost, Bishop’s radio show, aired on pirate FM outpost KBLT in Los Angeles for two years, until the station was shut down by the FCC. Bishop currently hosts Radio Misterioso, featuring weird music and interviews with fringe-topic researchers, which streams online on Sundays from 8 to 10PM Pacific.




Messengers of Deception: UFO Contacts and Cults by Jacques Vallee. Vallee has been examining the subject of UFOs for almost 50 years. This, perhaps his best book, is a warning not to take reports of friendly "space brothers" at face value: He suggests that the phenomenon is being used as a control method for influencing large segments of the population. Compelling and absolutely original.

The Rebirth of Pan by Jim Brandon. If you can find this rare book, you will discover solid theorizing about forces afoot in the world that might account for things like unnaturally “natural” earthworks and "Indian mounds," lake monsters, Bigfoot, ley lines, and the ubiquitous number 23. Think of it as the next step after John Keel.

Out There by Howard Blum. Blum’s research may leave something to be desired, but his point is well taken: "Even the government doesn't know what it knows." Blum tells the story of a cabal of government and military "insiders" who sought the answer to the UFO question through their extensive connections. They failed to find it, but many of them ended up as members of the Society for Scientific Exploration.

Must-Hear Music Feast of Wire, Calexico. The latest album from this Tucson band continues their exploration in the “alt-country” genre, with a sound roughly akin to spaghetti-western and mariachi music with lyrics. Songs like “Guero Canelo” and “Close Behind” always move me to tears on a drive through the desert. I listened to Calexico constantly when I was in New Mexico researching Project Beta.

Stone Age Woo, Nervous Norvus. This one-hit wonder is remembered for his unforgettable 1956 release “Transfusion,” a wry and darkly humorous ditty about a reckless driver who needs someone else’s blood after a fiery wreck. What really endears this industry outsider to my heart is that not just one but three songs about UFOs and aliens also grace the album: “The Fang,” “Kibble Kobble (the Flying Saucer Song),” and “Lean Green Vegetable Fiend (From ‘Tother Side of the Moon).”

Electric Lucifer, Bruce Haack. Haack, one of the original fathers of electronic music, invented his own instruments, wrote his own tunes and lyrics, and produced his own albums. Electric Lucifer, released in 1970, features what I consider his signature composition and performance, “Electric to Me Turn.” Haack’s life and work is featured in the recent documentary Haack: The King of Techno.

Dead Man, written and directed by Jim Jarmusch. This is by far my favorite film. Johnny Depp plays an accountant turned reluctant outlaw in the American wild west of the late nineteenth century. A wayward Native American (Gary Farmer) sees Depp as the reincarnation of eighteenth-century visionary artist William Blake, and he leads Depp on a vision quest to find his real self. Like all great films, this one improves with every viewing.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, written by Charlie Kaufman and directed by Michel Gondry. This has got to be the best filmed representation so far of the subconscious and what actually goes on in there. Shy, quiet Joel (Jim Carrey) decides to have his ex-girlfriend “erased” from his memories, but during the procedure, he visits all of the moments of his life that made him what he is. Truly a transformative film.

Cabeza De Vaca, written and directed by Nicolás Echevarría. This Mexican film tells the story of Alvaro Nunez Cabeza de Vaca, who was one of the first Europeans to encounter and write about North American tribes in the 1520s and ‘30s, by depicting the clash between the old world and the new. The last scene is of perhaps a hundred enslaved Indians carrying a massive cross through the desert, representing the beginning of the end of most of the Indians’ religions.

S. Miles Lewis gathers news and views on UFOs, conspiracies, cutting-edge science, and cryptozoology, and his site has hundreds of links to other specialized sites. If there is a one-stop place for the weirdness I know you are seeking, this is it. It’s The Excluded Middle to the tenth power.

What did U.S. Presidents know about UFOs? Researcher Grant Cameron has unearthed scads of info going back to the FDR era at The Presidents UFO Web Site. Quite valuable to me during the writing of Project Beta was Cameron’s page “Disclosure Pattern,” which theorizes that elements in the U.S. government have been trying to reveal an alien presence for almost 50 years.

Bats are the only animal (besides cats) that I consider cute. Who wouldn’t? They’re furry little mammals that can fly, and they eat icky bugs. This is the home page of Bat Conservation International, an environmental advocacy group for bats and their habitats. Bats in captivity have been known to bond with their keepers just like any pet. Too bad they’re illegal to keep in your home.

Featured Books of the Month
Breaking the Time Barrier : The Race to Build the First Time Machine by bestselling author Jenny Randles reveals the nature of recent, breakthrough experiments that are turning the fantasy of time travel into reality.
The Open Channel by Jill Morrow follows the protagonists of Angel Café as their daughter becomes a target for an ancient evil they have no desire to meet again...
The Copycat Effect : How the Media and Popular Culture Trigger the Mayhem in Tomorrow's Headlines by Loren Coleman explores how the media's over-saturated coverage of murders, suicides, and deadly tragedies makes an impact on our society.
The Kebra Nagast: The Glory of the Kings  is a classical sacred text illuminating the love between King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba and the journey of the Ark of the Covenant from Jerusalem to Ethiopia.


Meet the Authors

A tribute to the extremely interesting life of Paraview author John Willner, who passed away on December 11, 2004. Read his article explaining the astrological influences affecting the outcome of the last presidential election.
Loren Coleman Loren Coleman predicted the tragic Red Lake School shooting three days before the devastating event took place in his popular blog.

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