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April 2004

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Paraview Media Guide

Jeanne Avery

Paraview is delighted to add noted astrologer and regression therapist Jeanne Avery to our roster of writers. Our first collaboration together is the re-release of three of her much-loved books -- Astrology and Your Health, Astrology and Your Past Lives, and A Soul?s Journey. These three titles explore our fascinating connections to things unseen, and Jeanne?s lively writing style makes complex ideas easy to understand. Jeanne is a frequent lecturer, offers daily horoscopes on her website, and is available for astrological or past-life regression consultations. This month, Jeanne gives us her ?conscious media? recommendations.

Jeanne says, ?With Uranus now in the sign of Pisces, it is my contention that all forms of media will begin to accept, acknowledge, and distribute material that contains a higher level of consciousness. What has formerly been sought and devoured by just a small part of readership that accepts the outer reaches of information as real and valid will now have a wider level of distribution. Uranus is the planet that describes higher levels of intuition and vibration. It has been labeled the ?Great Awakener.? The sign of Pisces relates to right-brain, higher levels of concept, as opposed to left-brain factual knowledge. Pisces rules film, therapy, poetry, and the visual arts and also describes a sense of euphoria and well-being. I cannot overlook books and films of the past, however, that have been valuable in my understanding of things unseen. Of course, astrology has been a great tool for the uncovering of universal knowledge.?


One of my favorite books of all time is Initiation by Elisabeth Haich. Although it is a story of one woman's journey and the memory of a past life in Egypt, it contains phenomenal detail about energy, the soul purpose, and lessons of daily life. Another meaningful book is Dweller On Two Planets, which was written by the spirit Phylos through a young man who could channel information. The book was dictated backwards to an amanuensis who did not believe or acknowledge any of the truths contained therein. The manuscript was registered and put in a vault for a certain period of time, during which discoveries were made that had been predicted by the book. In this book, the epoch of Atlantis is covered, along with the advanced technology of that period. No list would be complete without a mention of Story of Edgar Cayce: There is a River by Thomas Sugrue, the story of the amazing Edgar Cayce, who, in an unconscious state, could diagnose at a distance the illnesses of many people.
One of the films that leaves an indelible impression on my mind is Sophie's Choice. Since my book A Soul?s Journey relates to past life memories of those who lived during the time of the Holocaust, the achingly poignant portrayal of a mother who was forced to choose between her children, during that horrendous time of Nazi torture, is a vivid reminder of cruelty that must never be allowed to exist again. On a very different note, Chances Are is a light-hearted tale of a woman's lost love, reborn to rediscover the same attraction again. The difference in their age is a factor in her acceptance of their undeniable love and her willingness to give in to that love once more. The fact that the reborn man is her daughter's boyfriend adds spice to the story.

I'd like to recommend an up-and-coming radio show from the Boston area. I was a guest of Chris and Jade, hosts of a talk show called Colors of Love America. Their guests are people in all areas of advanced metaphysical and scientific research. The show is on its way to becoming a national show in the near future.
Must-Hear Music
All of Mendelssohn?s music is particularly soul stirring and evokes great passion. Amazingly, his Christian themes belie the fact that Mendelssohn was Jewish. For me, this seems to confirm the fact that we have all changed race, sex, and experiences in our past lives. No criticism or prejudice can exist when we finally acknowledge that fact.
Valued organizations Many organizations exist to encourage and stimulate the sharing of knowledge. It is impossible to name them all. I have been involved in astrological groups that are vital and important as a platform for all kinds of new ideas and concepts. NCGR is one great group with chapters all over the country. The American Federation of Astrologers? bi-annual conventions have been a platform for many important speakers.

You can find daily horoscopes, news about my upcoming appearances, and a lot more at my website,
See you next month!

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