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June 2004

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Joseph Christy-Vitale

Millions spent their Memorial Day weekend watching The Day After Tomorrow, a dramatization of a sudden global apocalypse. But our Earth has already survived a similar disaster, according to Joseph Christy-Vitale, author of Watermark: The Disaster That Changed the World and Humanity 12,000 Years Ago, out this month from Paraview Pocket Books. Utilizing science, myth, and legend, Christy-Vitale argues that a piece of exploded star passed through our solar system, unleashing great fires, destroying mountains and continents, and creating oceans. Millions of people, animals, and plants perished almost overnight. Entire societies, cultures, and belief systems were lost forever. The resulting aftershock continues to affect us to this day.

If The Day After Tomorrow entertained you, Watermark will make you think.

This month, Christy-Vitale provides his ?transforming media picks,? with recommendations steeped in history, mystery, and spirit.


Must See Videos

George Pal?s When Worlds Collide, available on DVD, was one of those watershed moments for me as a child. Though its cinematic impact pales with more recent efforts (it was made in 1951), its subject matter, the destruction of Earth and all life upon it, is still powerful and served as an influence on my book Watermark. And it?s fun to watch!

Right now I?m diving into Graham Hancock?s Underworld: The Mysterious Origins of Civilization. I enjoy his entertaining and informative style combining historical sleuthing and his world travels. His efforts over the years to bring to light the great antiquity of our species are a beacon in the continuing search for our origins.

Great Websites

If you?re looking for sacred writings or myths from any age and any corner of the planet, you will probably find it in the amazing archive at Sacred Texts -- a must for anyone interested in the spiritual and/or mythological history of our species.

If you want more information about Watermark visit my website.

Must-Hear Music I recommend Immortal Memory by Lisa Gerrard and Patrick Cassidy. The human voice, especially when engaged in song, has the power to move our spirit. Its rhythms and vibrations echo tens of thousands of years of human history. Whether singing in Gaelic, Aramaic, or just using her voice as an instrument, Lisa Gerrard brings a timelessness to her music that allows the listener to peel away the years and travel back in time.

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