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May 2004

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Edward Bruce Bynum

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Edward Bruce Bynum is interested in the images and visions that come to you each night, even if you may not understand them. Bynum is the author of Paraview Special Editions? Families and the Interpretation of Dreams and specializes in dreams and families, dreams and culture, and dreams and psi phenomena. He offers his media picks in our revamped Paraview Media Guide this month, all of which will shed light on our shadowy, dreamy side.

Bynum explained his fascination with shared dreams this way: ?A few years ago I wrote Families and the Interpretation of Dreams in which I focused in on the world of interconnected family dreams. This included the shared imagery, emotions, and events of people related through familial networks. The similarities were uncanny between people. But that?s not too surprising, since we have spent years living, loving, arguing, laughing, struggling, and emotionally identifying with each other. Sometimes we have done all this under the same roof in the same house for years. Some of these dreams were even briefly telepathic. I also tried to show the emotional dynamics of this shared family unconscious in the images and events that pop up on a nightly basis. The average person has dreams of a relative in about 40 percent of their nightly visitations.?


Must See Videos

I would like to recommend a new video series by the dream traveler Robert Moss, teaching videos on the ancient technique of conscious dream travel. This was the practice of the Tibetan masters of dream yoga and the ancient Kemetic Egyptians of 3000 years before Christ in the temples and pyramids raised along the Nile. In Moss? series The Way of the Dreamer there are two offerings that help and guide the dreamer into the living, sacred space of the dream itself. We can actively change the dream, ride our dreams, or learn from our dreams about the intimate corridors of our own souls. This is meditation taken to a level that is accessible to almost all of us. Indeed, it was the first depth psychology. Moss has been leading these groups for decades and is well known inside the dream research and dream exploration community. It is like coming up to the Stargate of your own mind and going through it consciously to emerge on the other side. Check it out.

Must See TV

By the way of Stargates I hope you all have looked at the television series Stargate SG1. They have taken the wormhole concept of curve space-time from the famous Einstein-Rosen bridge equations that interconnect distance spaces in the cosmos and added some archetypal dramas to come up with a hit television series. Good sense of humor to boot!

Great Websites

Evelyn Duesbury and I have been working on a new book that continues to explore my interest in family dreams, The Interpretation of Dreams in Everyday Life. It features dreams about spouses, siblings, children, and all the intimate characters that we share a real life with. We are trying to get chapters to reflect these relationships and to outline a method of easy interpretation. Evelyn Duesbury created a method out of her research called the PMID, or Personalized Method for Interpretation of Dreams, and you can find out more about it at her website. It is a beautiful and elegant system that lets the person with moderate dream recall skills arrive at their own personal and emotionally grounded understanding of what their dreams mean in the context of that most intimate aspect of relational webs, their family life. Sometimes family relationships can be tender and deliciously vulnerable but also at times can be upsetting or awkward. However, they are always revealing of the emotional truths that we live. We are hoping to be ready to go with it next year.

Check out more of my writings and research on dreams at my website.

Valued organizations Evelyn Duesbury and I are members of ASD, the International Association for the Study of Dreams. This large body of dream workers includes researchers from the laboratories, the bedrooms, and the hospitals, all of whom have an interest in dreams. Since we all dream even if we do not recall our dreams, it is a natural for anyone who wants to deepen their understanding of this great fleshy mystery we are all walking around, loving, dying and being reborn into to explore. Check it out. It is open to all, has a scientific journal, a popular magazine, and lots of connections to other dreamers, and has an international reputation as well as a yearly congress. This year it will be in Copenhagen.

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