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Feng Shui American Style
The Magic of Successful DesignPoint here for more book info

by Ralph and Lahni DeAmicis

Paraview Special Editions, 2002
ISBN: 1931044449
Eastern Philosophy, 264 pages
Paperback, $17.95

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Excerpt from Feng Shui American Style

  Somewhere along our path to a modern world, people lost track of a few essential magical truths. First, we are human, we are animal, but we are also magical, and full of both brilliance and basic needs. We thrive on daily allotments of certain things such as light, color, fresh air, and clean water. We need environments where we can relax and be able to get away daily from that constant tension that we, as members of a modern society, wear as a badge of honor. Every day we need to feed our emotions as well as our bodies.

Sometimes it's best to empower the feelings of your body and ignore the thoughts in your head. Remember walking into places that just "felt right?" Remember other times where your nose told you to "turn around and leave" and you did! You were practicing Feng Shui right there and you didn't even know it. Have you ever almost endlessly rearranged your furniture, only stopping when it felt good? Why didn't the first dozen arrangements satisfy you? They didn't feel good. This one felt better! That's exactly the point. We do the most important things by feeling, just like every other creature in this garden. Here's a hint: Our bodies are much more in touch with our feelings than our minds. Trust your body: it rarely lies.

Consider the denizens of your intimate lair. If your cat is napping on your bed, probably on your expensive silk pajamas, you can pretty much bet that kitty's head is facing the doorway. Why? Because she can't relax unless she knows that the second she hears a footfall, she has only to slit one lazy eye to check out the intruder. If it's someone suspicious, maybe of the canine persuasion, she's ready to dart out of there! If it's her pet human, that's another matter entirely. But it's only when Miss Kitty can comfortably command the entrance way that she can feel secure enough to close those baby blues and catch 40 winks. Which brings us to the first principle: Command the Door.

Commanding the door means facing it with the central part
of the eye's visual range which is controlled by the conscious
mind. The peripheral vision is controlled by the fight or flight
reflex. Using that part of your vision keeps you on edge
waiting for someone to go Boo!

Do you think that we are really any different from that cuddly feline? You never really feel comfortable with your back to the door. Whenever we walk into a room, we lay down that pathway of energy, painting it with the colors from our personal field. Remember, we have to live with those colors we create. After a time the people walking through a house carve an energetic stream that affects everyone and everything there. Your body won't relax with your back facing the doorway because your nervous system can feel that energy stream rushing in behind you.

Copyright 2002 Ralph and Lahni DeAmicis

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