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Feng Shui American Style
The Magic of Successful DesignPoint here for more book info

by Ralph and Lahni DeAmicis

Paraview Special Editions, 2002
ISBN: 1931044449
Eastern Philosophy, 264 pages
Paperback, $17.95

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Feng Shui American Style is the "cappuccino" of the environmental healing arts. It's a tasty mix of the best techniques for successfully designing your way to the lifestyle you choose to create. Feng Shui American Style is built upon ancient Asian and European design knowledge, and then supercharged with healthy amounts of modern ergonomics and energetic physiology. This "East meets West" approach is like having green tea with your apple pie, or chocolate-dipped fortune cookies -- it possesses that particular American genius for practical synthesis and innovation. The result is not only easy to understand from a modern Eastern perspective, but just as important, it's simple to implement. It provides powerful solutions that can lead to remarkable results yet still works with whatever design style makes you feel comfortable. Do you want more fun and romance in your life? How about greater commitment in your relationships? These are two easy programs you have the power to design for yourself. Is greater professional acclaim and increased cash flow your goal? You've programmed your environment for where you are now. Feng Shui American Style will show you how to program your surroundings for where you want to be.

Goes far beyond most contemporary books -- it addresses the underlying, essential concepts and their expressions in realistic ways. -- A.T. Mann, author of Sacred Architecture

A delightfully romantic key to the Eastern puzzle. A swinging ‘must-read' for Feng Shui-aholics and the curious. -- Dennis Fairchild, author of Healing Homes

One of the best Bagua sections I have ever seen. A good addition to your library. -- Louise L. Hay, author of You Can Heal Your Life


Ralph and Lahni DeAmicis

RALPH and LAHNI DeAMICIS have more than thirty years of professional experience in the fields of esoteric studies, artistic and ergonomic design, and natural healing, and have strong foundations for the environmental healing art of Feng Shui. They are the founders of America's largest and most modern Feng Shui school, which has evolved into an international mentoring network. They have had extensive professional careers as artists, designers, authors, astrologers, numerologists, master herbalists, and Feng Shui practitioners. Extensively published, their works include books, hundreds of articles, and several audio series. Their audio publishing firm produces a wide variety of specialized products for the professional Feng Shui and herbal consultant.

The DeAmicis have five children and many grandchildren. Their offices are located in Philadelphia and they live surrounded by a great deal of original art, lots of family photos, and some truly great Feng Shui, done with an American style, of course.

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