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Re-Visioning the Earth
A Guide to Opening the Healing Channels Between Mind and Nature
by Paul Devereux

Fireside Books, 1996
ISBN: 0684800632
Religion and Spirituality, 308 pages
Paperback, $18.95

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We worry about saving the earth, but what should most concern us is how we can save ourselves -- from ourselves. In Re-Visioning the Earth, acclaimed author and speaker Paul Devereux brings together cutting-edge discoveries and ancient wisdom to show how we can become more attuned to and respectful of nature. This can only mean a brighter, more prosperous future.

Re-Visioning the Earth will be a path-maker for work on eco-psychology.” -- Dr. Rana P.B. Singh, president, Society of Pilgrimage Studies


Paul Devereux

is a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, a full member of the Society for Scientific Exploration, and holds membership in the Scientific and Medical Network. He also works with the International Consciousness Research Laboratories group. He lives in Beacon, New York, and Cornwall, England.

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