Intuition: Video

Part 1: From the Beginning
Part 2 Voice of Discovery
Part 3 Pathways to the Future

$ 45.00 (3 VHS videotapes)
  Media: PBS pledge week special and the Wisdom Channel
Premiere: April 1996, Lincoln Center's Walter Bruno Theater, New York, NY.

Hosted by Roy Scheider, this three-part miniseries explores how intuition has played a significant and vital role in terms of inventions, science, art, sports, business, medicine, and the growing consciousness movement. Jonas Salk, Richard Feynmann, Caroline Myss, Robert Monroe, Dean Radin, Anna Wise and the cast of NBC’s “Homicide” are among the many interviewed in this powerful production.

The Power of Dreams: Video

  The Power of Dreams
Part 1: Sacred Sleep
Part 2: The Search for Meaning
Part 3: The Creative Spark

$ 45.00 (3 VHS videotapes)
  Media: Discovery Channel
Premiere: June 1994, Asia Society, New York, NY

This three hour mini series explores how dreams have shaped cultures around the world from Native American to Jewish and Christian religious cultures. Artists, inventors and musicians share the dream visions that helped them bring beauty and progress into the world. Takes a roller coaster ride through the dreamscapes of an artist’s nightmares and explores the latest scientific insights into the hows, the whys and the so-whats of the chemical cocktail we call dreaming. This three-part mini-series has aired on every television system in the world, with the exception of China.

Edgar Cayce On ... Video

  Edgar Cayce On . . .
Part 1: Dreams 
Part 2: Intuition
Part 3: Healing 
Part 4: Practical Spirituality 
Part 5: Soul Mates 
Part 6: Parenting

Not currently available
  Media: Wellspring Media
Premiere: 1999-2000

Documentary of six one-hour programs based on Edgar Cayce, the medical clairvoyant and psychic. This was completed for the international television market and home video market.

Cowgirls: Heroines of the American West

  Cowgirls: Heroines of the American West 

Not currently available
  Media: NHK, the largest Japanese television network
Premiere: The Learning Channel 1993 (US) 

Documentary shot in "high definition" format, following real life cowgirls in the southwest. Produced in association with the National Cowgirl Hall of Fame, Fort Worth, TX.