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eBooks are your favorite books in electronic form that you can download -- instantly -- to your computer, laptop, or portable eBook device. Using eBooks is like carrying an electronic library with you at all times -- a great leap forward in terms of managing space, paper, and information resources. The following Paraview Publishing eBooks are available for download now in three formats: 
Microsoft Reader, Adobe Reader, and Palm Digital.
eBook Formats
Our eBooks are available in three formats.

Microsoft Reader
Microsoft’s free eBook software is the Microsoft Reader with Clear Type, a technology that makes fonts much clearer than what you ordinarily see on your computer screen. You can download the Microsoft Reader to your PC/laptop, and use it to read eBooks. The books for the Reader are digital files that are formatted as .lit (as opposed to, say, .doc Word documents). 

Microsoft Reader features include a dictionary, adjustable font size, and search functions, as well as highlighting, notes, and bookmarking functions. The eBook files are small, so you can download lots of them. Get the free Microsoft Reader.

Adobe eBook Reader
The free Adobe eBook Reader software enables you to read electronic books on your laptop, notebook, desktop PC, or Mac.

Adobe eBook Reader features include full-color graphics, search functions, bookmarking, and a zoom, which allows you to adjust the text size. Get the free Adobe eBook Reader.

Palm Digital Media
Palm Digital creates downloadable software for reading eBooks on handheld computing devices, including the Palm Computing platform, Handspring Visor, and devices employing the Windows CE operating system. Get the free Palm eBook reader.
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