Alignment Beyond Agreement
By Yasuhiko Genku Kimura

Yasuhiko Genku Kimura, founder and chairman of Vision In Action, has extensively lectured on the philosophy and methodology of alignment beyond agreement and the transformation of the global ecology of thinking. Yasuhiko is the author of The Book of Balance (Paraview Special Editions), Think Kosmically Act Globally, and The Twilight Manifesto, as well as numerous essays, articles, and translations on evolutionary spirituality and ethics, and integral philosophy, science, and business. He also is the editor-in-chief of VIA: The Journal of Integral Thinking for Visionary Action, which examines business, philosophy, science, art, and other social interests from a range of original and thought-provoking perspectives.

In “Alignment Beyond Agreement,” which was originally published in VIA, Yasuhiko presents his views on alignment, synergy, opinion, and the spirit of quest. He concludes, “Alignment evolves in the creative dance between the designed and spontaneous orders. Aligned, we remain in but not of this world, because we are of the other world of our envisioning, for the creation of which we are together engaged in transformative action.”

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