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K. Weissman & T. Coyne


Many spiritual seekers venture without and deep within looking for the secrets of the universe. Ironically, the best-kept secret is that there are no secrets. The universe tells all---to those who ask---and we don't need to go to a mountaintop, a guru or even a house of worship to see that there is spiritual meaning to our existence (although none of these activities are bad if you're into them). Spirituality is simply the way each of us explores our fundamental connection to the universe at large. It is not something that can be imposed by doctrine. Spirituality must be experienced, for only then can we know it, feel it and apply it. And what better way to experience it than through our own lives?

There is an ancient idea called the "One Life Principle" which says that there is one underlying essence in the universe, but the expression of this essence takes many forms---baseball players, puppies, exotic dancers, Supreme Court Justices, rocks, trees, even criminals. If you start with this premise, and yes, this might require a temporary leap of faith, then it follows that everyone and everything are expressions of the same stuff and are all inextricably connected. Science likes to call this essence energy and religion likes to call it God, but the result is the same---this essence is everywhere. So what? Well, if energy or God is everywhere, then taking out the garbage is as spiritual an act as praying in the highest temple. If we are all connected by the same stuff, then what we do as individuals affects all of us. If the power behind the universe is also within us, then what's preventing us from creating what we want in our lives?

Don't take our word for it. Get out there and start testing this premise for yourself. If you are a scientist, notice how every action has an equal but opposite reaction---you can't make a move without setting off a chain of other events. If relationships are your concern, begin treating an annoying personality like you would like to be treated (showing some compassion might be a good start) and see how your feelings about this person (and yourself) change. If you are religious by nature, appreciate God's presence even in those situations that may seem horrible and see what insight comes to you. The more we understand how the One Life Principle operates in our daily lives, the more power we have to create what we want and, amazingly, the more we understand the "mysterious" workings of the universe.

Spirituality is not just for eggheads, the really pious, or the really desperate. It is everywhere and in everything, if you know how to look for it.

(SM) & Copyright 2000 K. Weissman & T. Coyne

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