Mysteries of the Chakras Revealed
Michael The Red, CTE


Those interested in pursuing the path of Tantric Sexuality will immediately begin to read about the seven amazing power centers of the body called "Chakras".

Currently there is quite a lot of dubious information passing around in their name, so it is important to go back to the term's origins to better understand their current veracity, purpose and role in the evolution and expansion of consciousness.

First of all, the word itself is a Sanskrit term meaning wheel, disk, center or hub. While, in the West, it is most frequently associated with the centers of the body, the word has a variety of other applications as well.

If you've noticed any of the ubiquitous illustrations of Hindu gods and goddesses sprouting up these days, you might also have noticed a halo-like apparatus hovering around one of their fingers. These "Ninja star-like weapons" are often referred to as chakras, and in the inimitable Hindu way have as many names, past times, and legends attached to them as do the Gods and Goddesses themselves.

I remember how my old Bengali Guru (sounds like a song) used to allude to various towns and villages as being "chakras" as well. So clearly, the word has a wide variety of practical meanings that can help to demystify the term for all of us.

Today, a lot of what we hear or read about the chakras has been misinterpreted or is just down right fallacious. Other questionable efforts have been to psychologize and assign all manner of dysfunction and disorder to them, as if this, too, will help validate their usefulness in the modern age. When confronted with these unfortunate efforts I can't help but recall the old Buddhist admonition: "Don't turn your gods into demons." And who was it, who once remarked, All the gods have become diseases.

Only in the West do we feel the need to validate an idea or concept by attributing all manner of left-brain values to it. More often then not this uniquely Western obsession only results in the original idea being marginalized out of existence in the first place. The need to validate everything by filtering it through blunt conventional Western values tells us more about the psychological deficiencies of the person doing the filtering, than they do the chakras themselves.

Let's make one thing perfectly clear.

The Chakras exist; they do not need proving, validating, aligning or tune-ups.

They are not a metaphor, a simulacrum, an analogy, nor are they a bunch of "mystical symbols of transformation". They are real and can be exercised and developed as any muscle in the body.

The only thing MYSTICAL about them is the fact that we seem to be so mystified by them in the first place. So let me repeat.


Does this mean they don't have mystical, psychological, emotional and even spiritual properties? No!

But it is essential to "get it" that the chakras are anatomical, scientific and physical.

While you may still stumble upon a few spiritual numb-nuts out there waxing Air India about their "Sh-sh-shakras being out of alignment"; it doesn't take a village idiot to know that we all have seven major regions in our body, and all of them are important power centers:

1. First Chakra- Rectum (Base of the Spine)- Muladhara
2. Second Chakra- Genital- Svadhisthana
3. Third Chakra- Stomach- Manipura
4. Fourth Chakra-Heart- Anahata
5. Fifth Chakra- Throat- Vishuddha
6. Sixth Chakra- Pineal gland (Third Eye) Ajna
7. Seventh Chakra- Cerebrum (Crown)- Sahasrara

It does not require a Herculean imagination either to understand that the nerve builds up in these intense, multi-functional regions, and their corresponding centers in the spine, are intensely populated "intelligent" metropolises.

Enlightened physicians, like Dr. Andrew Weil, have only just begun educating us about how our bodies are not just these heaping lumps of mass, but whole universes of socialized cell structures cooperating, surging, thriving, communicating and functioning both separately and together.

If this is true then doesn't it make infinite sense to learn how to exercise, visit and be in relationship with these centers for optimum health and well being?

I'm usually not a big stickler for the proprietary meanings of past traditions, but I do have to take exception to some of the weird fairy tales being spread about the Chakras. The following are a few of the ones that have my eyes rolling around in the back of my skull.

1. The Chakras move around and often fluctuate from place to place. (Right and I thought I saw one following Elvis then other day).

Ennnh, wrong. The Chakras are stable and emulate and extend outward like effulgent energy spheres along the spine. One's awareness of them can and does shift, but they themselves remain fixed.

2. The second Chakra is located at the tip of the lingam in a man and in a woman in the goddess's pearl. (Remember the Yogi Berra of Tantra, this is one of her idiot malapropisms). Wrong again. These hyper sensitive zones are extensions of the Second Chakra and indeed act like separate energy centers, but they are more like satellites of the number two chakra known as Svadhisthana.

3. There are twelve chakras: seven in the body and five more in the ethereal realms above the head.

I know a few bubbleheads who seem to support this theory, but no, this too, is incorrect. There are seven main chakras and all of them thankfully located in the wondrous miracle of the human body and brain. Now, does this mean that consciousness ends at the skull? No, not at all. Consciousness emulates outward in all directions, but the Supreme Chakra known as Sahasrara remains in the Crown of the Cerebrum.

4. The first Chakra combines both the Anus and the Genitals. Sorry, wrong again.

This confusion was made initially due to the difficulty early illustrators had in graphically distinguishing between the first Center at the base of the spine and the second center which lies closely above it. Some schools went so far as to disastrously and erroneously lump them together. The truth is that the anus and the genitals are served by two different Chakras, the Manipura and the Svadhisthana, respectively.

The First Chakra is located at the "Base of the Spine" and can be exercised and tapped through the Anus, sphincter, and rectal region.

The Second Chakra lies straight above the first and powers the body's sexuality, reproductive and other pleasure centers. It can be accessed through the Perineum and PC muscles, as well as through more traditional means of arousal.

5. The seven Chakras are also located in the brain, as well as the Spine.

Ding! This, alas, is true!

All the chakras have originating and corresponding centers in the brain. There are useful Mantras (chants), Yantras (Visual aids) and Mudras (hand positions) you can learn that are designed to activate your awareness and relationship with all these power centers

6. The Third eye is located above the nose, in the middle of the forehead, and between the left and right eyes.

This is not exactly wrong, but only partially right.

The third eye is located in the Middle of the brain in the Pineal gland. (Not to be confused with the Pituitary Gland which lies in close proximity).

If you touch your tongue to the soft palette on the roof of your mouth, (towards the back) the Pineal Gland is located above there, between the left and right hemispheres of the brain. Descartes called it the Seat of the Soul.

The Third Eye experienced in the middle of the forehead, is actually an extended power center of the Ajna Chakra, and is known as the Soma Chakra. When this center is exercised and accessed one becomes acutely perceptive to the point of heightened extra-sensory awareness.

Throughout this essay, I have used the expression "building an awareness of the chakras".

I stress this point because their existence often eludes the most earnest of seekers. Let me say this, I have been knowledgeable of the chakras for over thirty years, and yet I was never really "aware" of them until I started meditating on them on a daily basis. Like so many things in life, the direct experience of a phenomenon depends upon our getting the correct information, and the amount of time, effort and discipline we're willing to devote it.

The single most important reason to meditate on the chakras is not, as is so often described, to either "activate", realign, or adjust them, but to build an increasing and expanded "awareness" of them.

Awareness of the Chakras creates a more intelligent, well rounded, healthier and expanded you.

The chakras don't need activation because they all operate and function with or without your turning them on. It is not so much an act of "activation" as it is an act of intensifying your awareness.

Like hard working municipal laborers, these intelligent cities of the anatomy benefit by having some conscious attention from the master planner from time to time. Meditating on them is like a benevolent Ruler visiting the vital business centers of Her Kingdom. By lavishing attention on them, they will bless you a thousand-fold with conservation, pleasure, will power, love, speech, extra sensitivity and ultimate divine awareness; neglect them, and in time, they will grow as fetid and decayed as the black hole of Calcutta.

ęCopyright 2001 Mentor Press. Sudaka International. All rights reserved.

Michael The Red, CTE is an accomplished writer, lecturer, instructor, Certified Tantric Educator and Professional Daka. He is the author of numerous books, tapes and magazine articles on Tantra, Mythology and Consciousness and the On-line editor of the immensely popular website His next book is 10 Steps to Male Sexual Mastery.


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