Conscious Embodiment
by Wendy Palmer

Conscious Embodiment is a practice derived from the revolutionary, non-aggressive martial art of Aikido. This practice allows us to unify the energy of the body and thus learn to trust our sensations, which are the basis of bodily intuition and wisdom. Through simple movement exercises, subconscious patterns of relating are made conscious, thus increasing our understanding of how we manage ourselves in our relationships and giving us added flexibility in how we respond.

The conscious Embodiment training is a path of integration. Attention to detail expands our capability for integration. Since integration is bringing parts together to make a whole or unified being, then the first step is being able to see the parts. There are three stages in this process. First, seeing what is; second, accepting what is; and third is the ability to change the situation. As we accept and open to all parts of ourselves we discover a self- organizing process which seeks to balance all the images, information and sensations we experience. It is from this place of wholeness that we find the ability to transform our lives.

The experiential exercises of Conscious Embodiment allow us to examine habits or patterns that govern our lives. Using techniques to train the attention we can learn to synchronize our mind and body. When our mind and body are in alignment we experience the confidence of a centered state; that is a state where we are stable, relaxed and radiant. When we are centered and no longer struggling we can access our intuition and wisdom. As we discover these qualities within ourselves they radiate out into the world. We can experience the divine richness in our souls and spirits.

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