The Culmination of Thirty Years
Sandra Martin, CEO, Paraview


Sandra is the culmination of thirty years of searching to bring the best balanced information possible to those of us Paul Ray has defined as "the cultural creatives." We are those baby boomers who are looking for a deeper, more profound meaning in life, who desire to make a difference in the world whether in environmental problems, spiritual growth or alternative health who are there, quietly, as active participants.

I've spent my whole life on the search for understanding, for spiritual growth. Curiosity has been the defining adverb of my life. As a young suburban housewife in the south, I defined myself by the Bible. As a single mother with two adored young children, and with no education and no money, I defined myself by the challenges of making a new life. My challenges became adventures. I crashed in a small plane in the Grand Canyon. I was lost sailing in the Bermuda Triangle and lectured for the Edgar Cayce Association. Those were the 70s.

In the 80s I worked for a PBS station and discovered the powerful world of mass communication. My dream was to produce programs that inspired, educated and inflamed. I produced a series exploring dreams for the Discovery Channel that aired in every country on the planet. Then came the 90s. I became a literary agent focusing solely on spiritual, consciousness, and paranormal subjects the world I knew. I was a pioneer in a new field, "new age" books. I sold books on dreams. My careers meshed. Television and books became the avenues for changing consciousness.

In my life I've made every mistake, gone down every wrong road--and therein lies my liberation. I learned that I wouldn't die. I learned to trust the little voice within me, and to listen to wiser folk. And I had many wise teachers, Dr. George Ritchie, Al Miner, Elder Stokes, and my Mom and Dad. It has been a life rich with experiences, meaning and love. My journey continues here with Paraview. My mission: to create a home, a hearth, a communications center that brings all of us "cultural creatives" together.


Sandra Martin

Grand Crash
The plane caught on fire and we crashed in the Grand Canyon. I was 28 years old and the priorities of my life immediately crystallized. Nothing like a near-near-death experience to discover what's meaningful in life.


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