President George W. Bush’s Popular Horoscope is Wrong!
By John Willner


The horoscope that most contemporary astrologers are using for President George W. Bush—see Figure 1—is wrong. No wonder most of those same astrologers could not predict that he would win the election. It shows Leo rising. Leo rising people are big, have barrel chests, and large bones. They have rectangular faces and personalities that focus on being the center of attention. Picture Winston Churchill and Pavarotti, the opera star. They represent Leo rising. George W. Bush does not. He has the more ovate, tapered head of a Cancer rising individual, with greatest breadth between his temples. Cancer is the cardinal water sign that is at ease with power, but not confrontations. Moreover, he is much shorter than the average Leo male and has a milder demeanor.

As clearly pointed out in The Perfect Horoscope, no horoscope based upon a physical (birth certificate) time has ever been verified. This is the broad-scale mistake most astrologers are making—to assume that a horoscope and a baby’s first breath are synonymous. They are not. The only horoscopes that can be verified must be based upon the calculation of an earlier spiritual birth moment. That horoscope must then be tested for functionality. Verified horoscopes become a revelation, because all elements are exactly as the soul intended for this period on earth. All day-for-a-year progressions pinpoint the peak days of urges that set off events. 

President George W. Bush’s verified horoscope is shown in  Figure 2. Moon, the ruler of his Cancer Ascendant is in Libra and the fourth house, conjunct Jupiter. No wonder his road to the presidency has been “like father, like son.” However, the real strength of this verified horoscope is in the “so called” out of bounds planets. Those are the planets whose declinations exceed the angle of the obliquity of the ecliptic. Hence, they are slowing down and becoming much more powerful. George W. Bush has his Sun, Uranus and Pluto in this category. In addition, these three planets were making contacts with no less than five planets and angles in the July 4, 1776, Declaration of Independence horoscope. This is aside from the fact that the two Suns are conjunct each other. The contacts in Al Gore’s verified horoscope were simply not as strong.

George W. Bush won the presidential election when his progressed Midheaven was parallel first house Saturn within 00 00.8’, progressed Uranus was conjunct Venus within 00 00.9’, and progressed Uranus and Pluto were parallel each other within 00 02.7’. Furthermore, all of the progressed parallels on Election Day were of the Northern type, and those are outgoing. 

I challenge any astrologer to show meaningful progressions, transits, or any other true astrological phenomena, for the Leo rising horoscope that can match the meaningfulness and precision of those just given. Since the 26 Cancer 18.8’ rising horoscope has been verified, it will continue to pinpoint all other major events in George W. Bush’s life.

For example, he was inaugurated President of the United States when progressed Mercury was conjunct natal Venus and sextile progressed Uranus. Mercury indicated the important words spoken, Venus changed his income, and eleventh house Uranus initiated action to put his tax reduction plans into effect. These two aspects peaked within two days of each other. Incidentally, Venus is also co-ruler of his eleventh house, and that places emphasis on plans, especially those incorporating a female element.

It should be noted that the May defection of Senator James M. Jefford from the Republican Party had an impact on the legislature of the United States, but not on the president as a person. Therefore, there were no major progressed aspects in President George W. Bush’s horoscope at that time. Only a lunar trine to Uranus arrived on May 11.

The most important steppingstones coming up in 2001 are progressed Uranus sextile natal Venus on July 6 (accompanied by a progressed semisquare of Mercury to progressed Neptune), progressed Mercury sextile natal Venus on November 1, and progressed Sun contraparallel natal Mars on December 23. Slow moving progressed Uranus will still be sextile natal Venus within 00 00.7’ on the same day. Remember that these progressed aspects signify urges or influences. The actual events will manifest from decisions made at those times.

John Willner is the author of The Perfect Horoscope. If you would like to learn more about astrology and achieve comparable results on your own or client’s horoscopes, Willner provides the exact methods in this book. 


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