In the Grip of the Serpent Beast
Michael The Red, CTE


"One may think of Kundalini on this level as comparable to a dragon; for dragons, we are told by those who know, have a propensity to hoard and guard , and their favorite thing to hoard and guard are jewels and beautiful young girls.

They are unable to make use of either, but just hang on, and so the values in their treasury are unrealized, lost to themselves and to the world. On this level the serpent queen Kundalini is held captive by her own dragon-lethargy. She neither knows nor can communicate to the life she controls any joy; yet will not relax her hold and let go. Her key motto is a stubborn "Here I am, and here I will stay."

The first task of the yogi, then, must be to break at this level the cold dragon grip of her own spiritual lethargy and release the jewel maid, his own shakti, for ascent to those higher sphere where she will become his spiritual teacher and guide to the bliss of the immortal life beyond sleep." Joseph Campbell

Forgive me, but I just got to say it, if you're not doing the personal work, no amount of Tantra is going to matter. You're fooling yourself. I don't care if you're an advanced Seminar groupie, a Certified Tantra whoosie, High-priced Hippie Call girl, or a Swami Poobah, if you don't have a daily routine of connecting with the Genius within you, then you have no business teaching, or touching anyone PERIOD.

Just shut up right now and put that thing down!

The world does not need another egoist out there brandishing his or her homespun 'mental spew" no matter how homespun or inspired it proves to be. We all need to be accessing the Jewel-Maid Goddess of Kundalini within us and let her wisdom speak to and through us.

You can work on your relationship, your job, your bank account, your garden, your toe nails, but the one thing you must absolutely do [on a daily basis] is build some routine for "going within."

I am meeting a lot of so-called "Tantrists" who think just because they call it Tantric sex, they are excused from the daunting task of daily individual practice. I have counseled whole basketball teams of eager young men who have hauled their recalcitrant uncooperative goddess/partners before me to have me put them in their place for forbidding them from having extra "Tantra lovers" to practice with. besides herself.

"G'head, tell her".

"What am I supposed to tell her?"

"Tell her, that I am serious about this shit, man. You're not talking to some amateur here. I am an accomplished Tantric yogi and I have needs and if she's not around to fulfill them, then I get do tantra with women who are."

"I see. Well, first of all, I'm not going to "Tell" her anything. One of the first laws of Tantra is she gets to make the rules."

"WHAT?" "Sorry, Don Juan. She makes the rules. I don't care if you could fuck a harem, if you want to practice Tantra, the first thing you got to do is listen to her. She has to feel honored. Is that clear?"

"WHAT THE *&^%$#?"

"Sorry, I didn't make it up, pal, that's the way the Goddess wants it for the time being.

"B-b-b-but she's working all the time and she's tired and I"M HORNY, DUDE I'm on this really expensive Hormone Growth program and my body has returned to the motility level of a Thirty five-year-old. I got to do something or I'm going to explode, dude!

Maybe you should stop taking those things.


Sorry, I mean, It's not like I'm the first one to say it, but what profiteth a man should he gain the world and lose his soul? I'm not a Christian or anything, but there are some truisms that make sense, no matter where they come from.

I don't get it. This is the latest, most expensive medical formula for arresting the aging process there is. It's cutting edge stuff and you're telling me to eighty-six it?

Basically, yes, if it interferes with your ability to get into your heart. Why not eighty-six it? Or you might try White Tantra. It's kind of designed for redirecting and channeling that sort of energy.

Oh man, I can't stand meditating, man, It's boring! Beside I have a block against chanting mantras, and that sort of shit, dude.

Well, if you can't be with your own energy, why would expect anyone else to?


Tantra is about energy, even more than it is about sex. We do the individual practice not so we can wind up on the cover of Yoga Journal, but so we can become more attuned to the Genius of Energy that dwells with our own bodies. When we are in love with our own energy, then, and only then, can we really love and experience someone else's. I hate to sound like such a bleeding moralist, but this shit is true, dude. It's only your ego that stops you from experiencing some One Higher within you. Your ego knows the minute you sit down to meditate it's days are over. Of course, it could take a while before it stops fighting you. In your case probably years, but that's okay, what better thing do you have to do than to truly know WHO YOU ARE?

Higher consciousness is not a spiritual choice, but a physical one. You've got to exercise it everyday or remain forever in the grip of the Dragon.

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Michael The Red, CTE is an accomplished writer, lecturer, instructor, Certified Tantric Educator and Professional Daka. He is the author of numerous books, tapes and magazine articles on Tantra, Mythology and Consciousness and the On-line editor of the immensely popular website His next book is 10 Steps to Male Sexual Mastery.


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