Tantric Sex in the City and Elsewhere on the American Scene
Michael The Red, CTE


Tantra Yoga is not a religion in the classic sense in that it does not seek to impose a mythology, or rigid system of beliefs on to anyone. Although it is not a religion per se, there is a very real and authentic history to its development that dates back well beyond 3,500 BCE.

Of course, that history will vary according to whatever tradition you look to. Study the Far Eastern Taoist schools and you won't be surprised to find out that they claim to be the original Tantrists. Sign up with either the Hindu or Buddhist Tantra lineage and you will find the same cultural misappropriation. This revisionist and historic "pseudo metamorphosis" is still going on today where even the Dalai Lama, and even some Native American traditions are lining up to "get in on" the tantra act.

"There's gold in them thar thrills".

Actually it should come as no great revelation that in the matriarchal ages there were a whole lot of native peoples all around the planet who were a lot more proficient at making love than waging war.

And it should prove no great mystery why most of these playful and loving souls were not around for long after the molten-iron started pouring, and the swords started swinging, and the chariots began rolling along with the idol worshipping heads of their foreign-tongued neighbors. (It's important to remember the word "Satan" or Shaitan, always refers to somebody else's god.)

If there's any consolation it is in knowing that these early Tantrists probably had a lot more fun during their short time here than all the blood-crazed barbarians combined.

One glimpse of the magnificent Sex temples at Kujaraho and you'll feel sort of like Jeff Goldblum in The Big Chill, when he looked around impishly, late one night, and declared,

"I have the feeling there's sex going on around here."

The same revelation is right now dawning on a whole bunch of people all around the planet.

More and more souls are discovering that humans are not solely descended from the murderous, flesh-eating, chariot-driving, world-conquering, club-wielding, robot Neanderthals that permeate the history books.

In fact, the only people I know who are really "Gung ho" about their Aryan ancestry are either traditional Hindus, or followers of Adolph Hitler and the Third Reich. (Not exactly people you want to party with). They do share a common heritage, which is why you'll sometimes see Hindu gods sporting the Swastika around with them. (Also known as the Gammadion, the Swastika is Persian in origin and was brought to India by the invading hordes of Aryan Patriarchs).

According to recent articles in Time Magazine, there is just as much evidence that most of us are descended from a much longer tradition of magick practicing, sacrament swilling, intoxicant conjuring, mystics, shamans, high priests, druids, pagans, tantrists, visionaries and many other types of authentic "life lovers".

In other words, Buddha was not so much an aberration, as he was a throw back. Jesus was not the sudden sole proprietor of a Cosmic Universal Authority, but a simple teacher who woke up and saw the untold misery caused by too much religion. Not unlike a whole lot of other seers, social visionaries, scientists, philosophers, poets and world teachers, such as Giordano Bruno, Nietzsche, St. Francis, Spinoza, Einstein, Freud, Jung, John Lennon, Carl Sagan or even the much maligned Karl Marx.

It is extremely ironic to witness all the patriarchal traditions trying to reclaim Tantra for themselves, when their initial impulse, way back when, was to wipe it off the face of the earth as fast as they could.

I had to laugh when I read recently that the Dalai Lama is offering paid Tantra Initiations. $20 says the word sex doesn't even come up once.

I wonder if he'll tell them what the "Jewel in the Lotus" really means?

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