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Catholics at a Crossroads 
Coverup, Crisis, and Cure

by Eileen P. Flynn, Ph.D.

Paraview Press, 2003
ISBN: 1931044465
Current Affairs, 168 pages
Trade paperback, $13.95

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It is the greatest crisis ever to face the Catholic Church -- the sexual molestation of minors by priests and the way the church hierarchy tried to cover up the situation, endangering more children in the process. Once it became common knowledge in 2002, the ugly reality of a dysfunctional institution corrupted by the complicity of cardinals and bishops in the sins of a relatively small number of molesting priests has brought a powerful institution to disgrace. Unable to postpone coping with this tragic reality, its leaders have been forced to begin the recovery process. But will it go far enough? More than 60 million people in the U.S. are in a position to choose to let the church be or to demand changes. Catholics at a Crossroads: Coverup, Crisis, and Cure offers a penetrating analysis of how the unthinkable happened and what exactly the Catholic Church needs to do to remedy the situation.

"Eileen Flynn charges church leaders to create and 'sustain genuine religious communities.' Her book is a call for a return to humility, a renewed piety and joins the discussion over what ails and what heals our contemporary faith." -- Frank Keating, former governor of Oklahoma, and Chair of the American Bishops' Advisory Panel for the new national Office for Child and Youth Protection

“Flynn is asking hard questions, the kind that cloud the thoughts of many a Catholic. All theologians should be so brave.” -- Jason Berry, author of Lead Us Not Into Temptation

“Flynn accurately highlights the importance of laity involvement in addressing problems within the Catholic Church.” -- Kathleen McChesney, director, Office for Child and Youth Protection, U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops

“Flynn presents a sensitive account of one of the saddest tragedies. She makes the case for a more transparent church and a more vocal membership.” -- Francis J. Butler, president, FADICA

“Flynn exposes the scandal of clerical abuse and the complicity of the hierarchy. She diagnoses the problem and presents a plan for a cure.” -- Theresa Padovano, president, Voice of the Faithful, New Jersey

“Flynn’s hard-hitting theological analysis offers the American bishops a scholar’s insight into steps they will need to consider if they wish to regain moral leadership.” -- Susan Secker, Seattle University

"Eileen Flynn builds on her impressive record as theologian and Catholic voice. In a wide-ranging, thoughtful review of the recent crisis of clergy sexual abuse and episcopal malfeasance in office, she offers both diagnosis and prescription. Useful reading for all those who care about the Church, this book should be required reading for every American bishop." -- Timothy E. O'Connell, professor of Christian ethics at Loyola University Chicago, is author of twelve books, including the award-winning Making Disciples: A Handbook of Christian Moral Formation

"Eileen Flynn does the whole church a great service with this book. It is informed and balanced, honest and compassionate, courageous and wise. It is an invaluable resource that will help with our much-needed healing and reform." -- Thomas Groome, professor of theology and religious education, Boston College, and author of What Makes Us Catholic


has been a practicing Catholic her entire life. Married and the mother of four children, she received a doctorate in moral theology in 1982. Flynn, who lives on Long Beach Island, New Jersey, is a professor at Saint Peter’s College, Jersey City. She was awarded bene merenti status in 2001 in recognition of her outstanding service of twenty years.

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