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PARAVIEW PRESS is one of the premier fortean book publishers in the world. (definition of "fortean")

Our current fortean book list features six titles—with more to come!

Our first two titles are by Loren Coleman, an acknowledged expert in the field of cryptozoology and fortean phenomena investigations…
The 1983 fortean classic, Mysterious America Mysterious America: THE REVISED EDITION Order Now
Loren Coleman's highly-praised, 1983 fortean classic, Mysterious America, has been thoroughly updated for this revised edition. This new edition contains an invaluable, never-before-published index; two completely new chapters, "Giant Catfish" and "Minnesota Iceman"; a new list, "The American Lion," with 141 entries; and several extensively rewritten chapters.
The Mothman, a huge, red-eyed creature Mothman and Other Curious Encounters  Order Now
On November 15, 1966, this huge, red-eyed creature with wings appeared over Point Pleasant, West Virginia. But contrary to popular belief, Mothman is not unique. Here for the first time, fortean investigator Loren Coleman looks at the precursors of Mothman, then brings the story up to date, detailing the sightings of the spawn of Mothman, some as recent as November 2001.

Our next title is by Texas journalist and fortean investigator Rob Riggs
The fortean wonders of East Texas and Southwest Louisiana: ghost lights, phantom Indians, wild-men and fireballs In The Big Thicket: ON THE TRAIL OF THE WILD MAN Order Now
In the Big thicket, the unknown makes profound intrusions into what we call "reality." There are fortean wonders in this region of East Texas and in Southwestern Louisiana—"ghost lights," phantom Indians, howling ape-like "wild men," and fireballs that streak through the nighttime skies —that defy both our common sense notions of space-time and all attempts at scientific explanation. 

The author of next title is Colin Bennett, who is a frequent contributor to Fortean Times…
UFOs and human contact are part of fortean lore Looking for Orthon: THE STORY OF GEORGE ADAMSKI, THE FIRST FLYING SAUCER CONTACTEE, AND HOW HE CHANGED THE WORLD  Order Now
In a literary tour-de-force, Colin Bennett advances the daring thesis “that the defining moment of the twentieth century will prove to be 12.30 pm on Thursday, 26 November, 1952, when George Adamski met Orthon, a long-haired youth from Venus.

Next is the highly praised overview of the past 25 years of ufology—with its strong fortean overtones—from Patrick Huyghe, who considers himself more a fortean than anything else...
The UFO scene as documented by a 20 year veteran Swamp Gas Times: MY TWO DECADES ON THE UFO BEAT  Order Now
SWAMP GAS TIMES is a revealing memoir by a journalist who has covered the UFO field for more than twenty years. This honest, behind-the-scenes look at how the media handle UFO stories also examines the dramatic events and major players that have transformed UFO research in the past quarter century. 

And last but not least is the astonishing fortean investigation into the spirit world by the late journalist Joe Fisher
Channelers and the mysterious voices that speak through them-- are they ghosts? The Siren Call of Hungry Ghosts Order Now
For five years, best-selling author and journalist Joe Fisher painstakingly investigated the claims of channelers and the mysterious voices that speak through them. The Siren Call of Hungry Ghosts is his gripping journey into a realm of darkness and deception. This revised edition includes a new foreword by Colin Wilson, and an epilogue that updates events since the book was first published in the U.K. a decade ago. 

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*. What does the word “fortean” mean? 

Basically it refers to the whole grab bag of strange phenomena that scientists often ignore, suppress, discredit, explain away, or otherwise find inconvenient. Such phenomena include (to name a few) unidentified flying objects (UFOs), mysterious animals (cryptozoology), spontaneous human combustion, unexplained natural phenomena (such as non-flying animals falling from the sky), and often psychic phenomena.

The word is derived from the name Charles Fort, the New York-born writer who lived between 1874 and 1932 and set forth his philosophy of, and evidence for, the unexplained in a series of four landmark books--The Book of the Damned, New Lands, Lo!, and Wild Talents.

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