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Any Woman Can!
How to Get a New Look and a New Life
by Sheila Grant
Paraview Press, 2002
ISBN: 1931044-33-3
Mind, Body, Spirit, 244 pages
Trade Paperback, $15.95

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Any Woman Can change her life! In this inspiring and affirmative book, author Sheila Grant reveals how you don’t have to be rich, thin, or young to get a new image and a new life. All you need is the will to change, and this book tells you exactly how to do it. In a friendly and accessible voice, Sheila offers woman-to-woman advice and practical exercises in wardrobe, makeup, hair, body, voice, posture and more, including dating advice for the 40+ woman. Sheila also shares her own personal story, full of triumphs and tribulations, to demonstrate that if she could re-image her own 40+ self to find confidence, happiness, a new job, and a husband -- then any woman can!

“Sheila has helped me to realize the importance of how my image has affected both my life and career. No one does it better!” --Mariette Hartley, Actress

“I went from being a plain, insecure woman to a beautiful, self-confident woman. I have a whole new life and more dates than I can handle! I owe it all to Sheila.” --Leslie Friedman, Lawyer

“Sheila has helped many women change their lives. She is the best at what she does because she really cares and loves what she does. She has helped me enormously. Thank you, Sheila!” --Patricia Sicular, Ford Models, Inc. 

  Sheila Grant

has successfully re-imaged over five hundred women since 1985. She worked as a fashion director for TV shows on CBS and NBC, then started her own Image consulting firm, taking individual clients, and conducting seminars and workshops for women. She also became a Ford model at the age of forty-three, after her own re-imaging. 

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