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Flowers that Heal
Nutrition, Aromatherapy, Flower Essences & Other Secrets of the Fairies

by Judy Griffin, Ph.D.

Paraview Press, 2002
ISBN: 1-931044-35-X
Alternative Health, 312 pages 
Paperback, $18.95

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Excerpt from Flowers that Heal

  I remember the time when I was a child: the whole world was alive and glowing. Trees, plants and their flowers were my friends who danced with me in the moonlight and sparkled with dew in the sunlight. The flowers bloomed just for you and communicated special messages that made me giggle with delight. Plants were as real to me as people. I called them each by a special name and told them all my troubles as I reached over to sniff their beautiful fragrances and gaze at their dazzling colors.

I instinctively knew that flowers could “see” us and understand how I felt and what I was thinking about. Every flower was infinitely compassionate and loving, for flowers know nothing of destruction, brutality, or even judgment. They are part of a unique communication exuded throughout creation that sounds like a very high-pitched hum. Their song has rhythm that is pleasantly warm and jolly. I can remember dancing to their music and feeling as light as a fairy.

Then, my time with the flowers grew shorter. I hardly had time to stop and talk to anyone. I was always in a hurry, and the flowers had little to say. Then came a time when the flowers grew silent and without emotion. I would often wonder if the flowers still sang.

I began to rediscover the world of Mother Nature’s flower essences, herbs, and essential oils while suffering from Chrohn’s disease. I had recently been diagnosed with cancer. I was scared, in pain, and in need of support. My answer to prayer was an inner message to work with flowers. All I really wanted was to get out of pain, but I made a promise to share everything I learned with others. Immediately afterwards, every time I walked near a plant, I received the information that I now share with you in the following pages. For more than eighteen years, much of this information has been researched and proven in clinics and private medical practices worldwide.

For every impossible or incurable situation, there is a flower essence to help us bloom. Flowers not only correct the imbalance in the personality’s needs and expectations, but they also support us by opening our hearts.

When I work in my gardens, I enter a world where flowers talk and nature sings. I choose flowers that bloom even under stress from an inner joy, which expresses the wonders of Nature.

Each flower has a unique message and healing quality that can be captured into an essence at the peak time of its bloom. The energy of the flowers becomes available as the bloom opens fully. The best essences are made from flowers that are disease free, perfectly shaped, and that emit the most auric light from the center. They should be organically grown in seasons, nurtured, and chosen from an abundance of full blooms. Most of the blooms should be left untouched, attracting beneficial insects such as bees, wasps, and butterflies. The balance of Nature should be left undisturbed.

I have discovered that the experience of gardening is well worth the time and effort. Flowering plants are wonderful teachers and have taught me many songs and tunes I have heard only in gardens. The flowers also speak from the heart of all creation. They communicate the sadness they see in our eyes and catalyze the potential of what we are yet to be. They heal wounds from the deepest part of the psyche, reminding us with their beauty that all true healing comes from the heart.

During the past twenty years, I have worked therapeutically with flower essences, essential oils, herbs, and nutrition as a clinical herbalist, aromatherapist, teacher, counselor, and international lecturer. Certified in Texas as a horticulturist, I organically grow and produce quality products. I have learned that plants grown in the adverse climatic conditions of my environment enhance the immune response of the flowers, forcing them to bloom under stress just as we who thrive to achieve self-actualization do. As we search within for understanding and wisdom, Mother Nature will nurture us with the healing quality of home-grown plants and flowers.

Flower essences and essential oils have been an integral part of traditional healing since ancient times and are making their way into modern medicine as an adjunct to pharmaceuticals.

What is most important in healing from the heart is that we take responsibility for individual health and seek support on every level. Health includes taking responsibility for our own emotions, feelings, creativity, and expression. An integrated personality will then receive illumination from the spirit to express the heart’s desire and to share all the treasures of the heart.

Copyright 2002 Judy Griffin

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