Overcoming Jealousy
by Beatrice Guernier and Agnes Rousseau

: Paraview, Inc.
: 0976498642
Pages: 112

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Drawing upon a variety of sources ranging from cognitive psychology to classical philosophy, Overcoming Jealousy presents an insightful and keen analysis of the origins, symptoms, and effects of this universal and insidious trait. Filled with compelling experiences and moving anecdotes, the authors systematically explain how to detect, diagnose, and treat this chronic source of pain and misery that dwells within each of us. Ultimately, the reality of jealousy is not a matter of blame or guilt, but rather of learning how to recognize and conquer an emotion that, if left unchecked, will increasingly ruin our sense of happiness and well-being.

The titles published in the Daily Ethics Collection recapitulate lectures presented in the framework of a seminar organized by the Fondation Ostad Elahi: Ethique et Solidarite Humaine (The Ostad Elahi Foundation: Ethics and Human Solidarity). Docusing on ethical attributes and their application in daily life, the lectures offer valuable insight into the subject at hand and grapple with its concrete and practical variations in different situations and contexts. Written in an engaging style made livelier and more accessible by the plentiful inclusion of anecdotes, the ensuing studies favor a realistic and pragmatic approach principally aimed at encouraging and illuminating an ethical process etched in the heart of daily experience.

Each book in this series offers reflections on an ethical (or unethical) attribute, familiarizing us with its various manifestations, causes, and effects, as well as methods for further developing or counteracting the attribute under study. In each case, the goal is to grasp how certain aspects of daily behavior that have become so customary as to seem innate often impede our progress, thus acting as an invisible barrier that blocks the development of our humanity.

  The authors Beatrice Guernier and Agnes Rousseau members of the Groupe de recherché en ethique appliqué or GREA (The Applied Ethics Research Group) have spent considerable time researching and investigating analyses developed by Ostad Elahi that encompass mankindís spiritual dimension and originate from the source of transcendent divinity. At the same time, the theoretical component of this work has derived from a variety of diverse sources in philosophy, law, psychology, and religion. The explanations and concrete examples presented here are the result of the group membersí personal research and experiences.

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