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America's Living Legends of Giant BirdsPoint here for more book info

by Mark A. Hall
Introduction by Loren Coleman
Illustrations by Mark Rollins

Paraview Press, 2004
ISBN: 193104497X
Cryptozoology, 208 pages
Trade paperback, $15.95

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Some very large birds are being sighted in the skies over North America. In Thunderbirds: America's Living Legends of Giant Birds by Mark A. Hall, it's described as an enormous black bird with a white ring around its long neck and a wingspan of up to 20 feet and more. This giant bird of prey has been sighted from Alaska, Canada, and the Pacific Northwest, and into the Midwest, Appalachia, and Pennsylvania. The accounts are puzzling and hard to believe, yet eyewitnesses swear by what they saw. Evidence from around the world indicates that our ancestors knew and feared the bird, which can carry away small children and animals. In this compelling compilation of evidence, researcher Mark Hall presents the case for a terrifying, monstrous bird that has roamed our continent since the days of the ancient legends of the Thunderbird.

"In Thunderbirds, Mark A. Hall reviews, for the first time, in one place, all that we know about the reality of large, condor-like birds, which have been reported for centuries in the Americas. For decades, Hall has researched the subject of these large birds and their allies (the giant owls). His tour of the accounts is masterful, for he places them in a context others never have.... Hall also shines a light on the most likely candidate for Thunderbirds, the prehistoric giants, the recently extinct teratorns. The long list of Thunderbird and other big bird sightings collected over the years may have to be reexamined someday by ornithologists. But for now, Hall's work preserves the record of the flight of the Thunderbirds." -- from the introduction by Loren Coleman


has pursued a lifelong curiosity about mysterious animal reports and unexplained natural phenomena, which he has looked into and written about for more than 30 years. He is also the author of Living Fossils and The Yeti, Bigfoot, and True Giants. He resides in Wilmington, North Carolina, where he edits the journal Wonders.

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